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High School. The stakes are higher. With adulthood on the horizon, Stargate students are figuring out who they want to be and where they want to go next. And, they’re doing it in an environment where all their peers are academically gifted, an environment where eccentricity is encouraged and passion projects are required coursework. A rigorous curriculum is just the beginning. At Stargate, students are encouraged to pursue learning experiences that challenge and enrich their understanding of the world around them and fuel their desire to know more. Through our Adroit program, they’re designing, producing and presenting passion projects and, in doing so, strengthening research, reflection, and collaboration skills – all needed to tackle increasingly higher-level coursework. Outside the classroom, they’re excelling in extracurricular endeavors. They’re staging art exhibitions, theater productions, and community volunteer projects. 

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Meet Our Admin Team

Secondary Principal:  Rob Cable, robert.cable@stargateschool.org

Assistant Principal/Athletic Director:  Dave Logan, david.logan@stargateschool.org

Assistant Principal:  Nicki Jo Svoboda, nickijo.svoboda@stargateschool.org

Assistant Principal:  Miranda Lamonski, miranda.lamonski@stargateschool.org

Mr. Logan, Mrs. Svoboda, Mr. Cable, Ms. Lamonski

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