Handbooks & Policies

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Governance Board, School and District Policies

Stargate is independently managed by a Governance board with the autonomy to pursue the school's educational objectives. As the governing entity, the Board is charged with developing school policies and setting goals and expectations. The school's leadership staff, including its Executive Directors, are tasked with implementing the Board’s policies and carrying out the school’s academic and operational programs on a day-to-day basis.

Core Values, Community Compact & Handbook

Core Values & Student Outcomes - The Stargate experience we want to create for our students starts with our mission. This document translates that mission into powerful belief statements and action-oriented student outcomes.

Community Compact - Meaningful communication - whether written or oral - is essential for our students' success. This document outlines expectations for mutually respectful dialogue as well as the most effective vehicles for outreach.

Community Handbook - School policies are provided in this reference guide for parents, students and staff. Community members are asked to read all parts of the document and discuss them with your student so that you may be fully informed of any/all changes and applicable district policies.

Note: School policies and the Community Handbook are reviewed prior to the beginning of each school year. Stargate reserves the right to modify, supplement, rescind or revise any provision, benefit or policy from time to time as it deems necessary or appropriate.

  • Translating values into expectations for action

  • Communicating with Kindness & Empathy


  • Attendance

  • Individual Rights & Responsibilities

  • Student Code of Conduct

  • Assessment & Communication of Student Progress

Academic Programs & Acceleration

K-8 Placement Policy & Process - Stargate recognizes that some gifted children may benefit academically, socially and/or emotionally from content-based, single subject acceleration. This outlines the policy and process for K-8 placement and acceleration in mathematics and English language arts.

Academic Programs Decision Making Process - work in progress to formalize feedback opportunities for staff and parents during the school's regular review of curriculum and academic programs, including timing for communications and levels of engagement.

Note: School policies are reviewed annually. Stargate reserves the right to modify, supplement, rescind or revise any provision, benefit or policy from time to time as it deems necessary or appropriate.

Governing Documents & Board Policies

Governing Documents - Stargate, like other charter schools, operates within a framework of laws, contracts, policies, agreements and best practices to ensure that it is executing its mission responsibly. When combined, these elements create a core foundation for governance.

Stargate Board Policies - can be broken into 3 main categories: Governance, Financial and Human Resources. Formal record of policies is maintained in the minutes of the Board of Directors. The Board typically reviews its policy manual at least annually. For more information about Stargate governing documents and Board policies, email governance@stargateschool.org.

  • Bylaws

  • Charter Contract

  • Governance Handbook

  • Board Agreements

  • Board Calendar

Communication Pathways

Communication & Complaint Policy - Dialogue is important. Stargate is very interested in ideas and comments from our community. If you have a classroom or child-related concern or problem, please review the Stargate Communication Pathways.