Elementary Adroit

Building a Solid Foundation for Learning

Adroit at the elementary level is all about learning the foundational skills for Design Thinking. We focus on growth mindset, learning to communicate, how to collaborate, and what it means to be empathetic. We learn how to use the tools in the Adroit room to support our Design Thinking process.

What kinds of amazing big picture learning will we do in Adroit this year?

We will:

  • Understand that learning is fun, engaging and purposeful!

  • Use the Design Thinking process to explore, create, innovate, fail and succeed

  • Know deep down that some of our best learning comes from failing forward

  • Speak and write intentionally and purposefully

  • Listen for perspectives other than our own

  • Collaborate in teams

What kinds of amazing things might we do in Elementary Adroit this year?

We might:

  • Design recreation centers for our bug friends (based on the book Roberto the Insect Architect)

  • Compete in the Great 3rd Grade Sail Car Challenge

  • Look for inspiration from Caine’s Arcade to implement our own project process

  • Research a problem we see and design a plan to address it

How it Works

Stargate students begin Adroit classes in kindergarten, with curriculum focused on introducing the five design-thinking concepts - Empathize, Define, Ideate, Protoype and Test, and letting students use their creativity and imaginations to explore the world of Adroit.

In the Elementary School Adroit program, students are supervised, yet allowed to explore problems and projects using their natural creativity and innovative thinking. In addition, students are taught that failure is part of the process of creation, and can often lead to the best solutions as the end result.

Students are encouraged at every level to use Adroit time to discover their passions - whether academically oriented or not - with the idea that their passions are important and valuable, and can have real world applications beyond the walls of Stargate.

Most importantly, the elementary Adroit program helps students develop the mindset and confidence that all problems are solvable when approached correctly, as well as the idea that their passions are important and deserve focus, time and attention.