About the Program

The Adroit Program was launched at Stargate School in 2015 in an effort to support the social, emotional, creative and post-secondary needs of our gifted students.  The program was created in partnership with the Stanford (Stanford Design School), and is based on the five stages of design-thinking; Empathize, Define, Ideate, Protoype and Test.  

The concept of the Adroit Program was introduced as Stargate School was expanding from a K-8 school to a K-12 school in 2014.  Originally the program was conceived to help high school students thrive in an environment created to guide them toward finding a passion that would eventually lead to a more fulfilling career and life path.  However, as the concept grew, the school felt that concepts were beneficial enough to apply to all grade levels, particularly the first phase of empathy.

As a result, all students from kindergarten through 11th grade participate in Adroit as a class, with the approach and curriculum changing as students grow and mature.  The basis of the program remains the same, however, encouraging students to use the mindset of empathy and problem-solving developed in Adroit to navigate new challenges and phases of life successfully.