Student Support

Stargate has numerous resources available to support our students, including:  

MYTH: A child receiving special education services cannot also be gifted. 

REALITY: Having strengths in one area does not preclude the need for support in another. Twice-exceptional students often go undetected in regular classrooms because their disability and gifts mask each other. Source: National Association for Gifted Children

How Does Stargate Support Students? 

It is built into our school mission that we will differentiate for our students. What does that mean, exactly?

Intervention is the process of tailoring instruction to a student’s unique needs. At Stargate, we consider intervention to be both for students who may be struggling academically as well as those who need additional challenges. Most of our students are in a “just right” place of learning in our typical programming. Some of our students may struggle in one or more academic areas.  When a student struggles, we will look for interventions to support them. Other students may need enrichment as in intervention in an academic area and we will seek extension opportunities to support them.It is our school commitment to support our students wherever they are in their learning journey.

In addition to individualized support and instruction by staff, students in need of more intensive intervention may participate in one or more of the programs below:

Reading Intervention/ Dyslexia Identification and Support

For students who need intervention, we assess them to determine the nature of the reading issue so that appropriate programming is provided.


DIBELS 8 (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills)


WIAT- 4 (Wechsler Individual Achievement Test)

Benchmark Assessments

Reading Intervention Programs

Benchmark Phonics Intervention K-3

Really Great Reading: Blast and HD Word 


Mathematics Intervention

IXL Math (provides both diagnostic assessment and intervention)

Social Emotional Intervention K-12

Emotional Regulation

Sources of Strength- Elementary

Sources of Strength- Secondary

Zones of Regulation

Executive Functioning K-8

SMARTS Executive Functioning

Extension/Enrichment as an Intervention

Some students may need higher level interventions to meet their learning needs. In addition to course acceleration, students may engage in curriculum compacting and/or flexible groupings.  These interventions are available to all students K-12.

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