Newsletters & Updates

Check for Weekly Updates:

Newsletters are published on a rotating schedule with StarNews one week and secondary/elementary newsletters the next.

StarNews - newsletter icon

StarNews - weekly school newsletter for all students and families

More Ways to Stay Connected

In addition to weekly newsletters from school administrators, Stargate has numerous ways to stay connected, including: 

Icon: Board Updates

Governance Board messages, typically sent to share highlights from Board meetings

Icon: Student Showcase

Stargate student and school achievements. Submit nominations via this form  

Icon: Elections at Stargate

Election updates - posted in conjunction with major events and milestones 

Icon: Google Classroom

Teacher updates - check Google Classroom, accessible via links on academic team /teacher pages


We are constantly working to improve our newsletters and school communications. If you have suggestions or comments, please let us know. You can reach out via any of the paths outlined on the Contact Us page or email