Kindergarten Team Page

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Stargate elementary school teachers maintain blogs and calendars, accessible via the links below, with information about class activities in math, literacy and theme/homeroom. This information is accessible to Stargate students and their families and includes details about upcoming areas of study, assignments, key calendar dates, general expectations and more.

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Photo of Kindergarten teachers and paras

Mrs. Lee, Ms. Archibold, Mrs. Wilson, Ms. Peters, Mrs. Wells, Mrs. Gregory Back row: Mrs. Mansell, Mrs. Klingman

How do fish breathe? What are clouds made of? Why do zebras have stripes?

How many times a day does your child ask questions just like these? The innate curiosity of each young learner is the beginning of the learning process. In the Stargate kindergarten program, we transform this curiosity into a lifelong passion for learning, creating independent, enthusiastic learners. Our team combines an accelerated, standards-based curriculum with hands-on learning experiences. We emphasize goals and objectives in the four areas of Social/Emotional, Cognitive, Language and Physical development through a wide variety of instructional strategies.