About the Board

Stargate Board members typically serve three-year terms, during which time they are expected to serve as a voting member of the Board, to develop policies for the operation of Stargate School, and to monitor and evaluate its finances, programs and performance. The Board is responsible for the Stargate budget, review of the annual audit and evaluation of the school's executive directors, as well as compensation, policy approval and corporate level sponsorships.

General Expectations for Governance Board Directors

Members of the Stargate Governance Board of Directors are expected to - at minimum - be familiar with the Stargate Bylaws, the Board Handbook, Governance Board Orientation Policy, the Stargate Policy Book and Committee Charters, all available from the school's Handbooks & Policies page. Board members are also expected to:

  • Attend regular meetings of the Governance Board. The Board and its committees usually meet once a month. All meetings are open to the public unless they fall under one of the categories for an executive session (see the Board Handbook for details).

  • Be accessible for personal contact in between meetings.

  • Serve as an active, on-going member of at least one committee. This requires a number of meetings per year plus individual committee task completion time. As part of the committee, Board members may be asked to help lead special projects and initiatives.

  • Prepare in advance for decision-making and policy formation at Board meetings; take responsibility for self-education on the major issues before the Board.

  • Complete an annual self-review.

  • Participate in the annual Board development and planning retreat each year.

  • Exemplify integrity, honesty and respect.

  • Make dedication and commitment to the vision of Stargate School a top priority for any Board member.

Interested in Joining the Board?

Visit our Elections page for information about the elections process at Stargate.

Types of Directors

The Stargate Governance Board consists of five Parent Directors and up to four Independent Directors, all of whom have the same responsibilities on the Board.

  • Parent Director - must be a parent/guardian of a child currently attending Stargate. A staff member, even if they are the parent of a child attending school, may not be a Parent Director. Seats are elected by the community. Appointments, if required to fill a vacancy, are made until the next election.

  • Independent Director - must not currently be (or have been within one year of appointment) a parent/guardian member or a staff member of the Stargate community. Seats are appointed by the Governance Board.

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