Volunteer Training & Applications

Schoolwide Volunteer Training

Stargate has always relied on - and appreciated - its volunteers.  Our volunteer  approval program provides a better and more consistent support for the individuals donating time and talent while also adding another layer of safety/security for our students. The program is modeled after best practices in education and is consistent with volunteer onboarding programs in area schools, including the Adams 12 Five Star Schools District.  If you have completed the process for the 2022-2023 school year, your application will expire a year from your approval date.  A renewal reminder will be sent to you.  

Requirements for All Volunteers

All adult Stargate volunteers must complete an online application and training process prior to volunteering in any capacity. This includes, but is not limited to: classroom help; elementary lunch/recess monitors; field trip chaperones; school event volunteers; and ALL committees.   

Before you can be approved to volunteer, you'll need to complete 3 steps:

Self-Guided Training Preso_graphic

review/study the Volunteer Training slideshow

Link to form needed to review & sign confidentiality agreements, terms and fundraising elements

Run a Raptor Volunteer Background check - icon

complete a RAPTOR volunteer application (including a $5 background check) 

After Your Application is Approved

 Plan Ahead - Allow 3 Weeks to Complete the Process

 It is highly recommended that you complete the training process at least THREE WEEKS before you plan on volunteering to ensure that your background check will have sufficient time to process. If you are not active in the system by the time of the volunteer event, even if you have completed all of the other required steps (i.e. your background check application is still processing) you will not be allowed to volunteer for the event.

Tips for Submitting Your Raptor Application

Questions / Assistance

If you have any questions about volunteering at Stargate or need assistance with your application, please email volunteer@stargateschool.org.