Can't find the information you need? Email recruiting@stargateschool.org and we'll help you find a meaningful way to contribute to our community.

Working Together for the School We Want

A great school doesn't just happen. That's especially true at a Charter school where there are fewer school and district-level resources available. At Stargate, it takes community involvement to make things work. Student athletics. School clubs. Arts programs. Science labs. A great playground. An expansive library. Technology in the classroom. Fun, school-wide events. Without community support, they can't happen at the level they do today, or at the levels we aspire to as the school continues to grow.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Email recruiting@stargateschool.org, your one-stop-shop for volunteering at Stargate. Or check out this Volunteering at Stargate guide. Be sure to watch for information throughout the year for opportunities associated with things like:

volunteers at Stargate bingo and chili night

Count Me In!

If you're ready to play a hands-on role in your Stargate community, we'll help you get started.

When we work together as a community, the possibilities are endless and the results are powerful.

volunteer helps a student build a 3D printer
volunteer helps students at Adroit Expo
volunteers organize Harry Potter night