NHS: A Year to Remember

It's a Wrap - A Look Back at the 2019-20 School Year

Stargate, it’s been a great year! To commemorate everything that happened, National Honor Society has been working to create videos celebrating the hard work and fun we’ve all had. There is a video for the elementary school, the middle school, and the high school. Please watch, enjoy, and reflect on the past year!

Having trouble with the video links? If you click the image and it won't open or asks you to download, trying clicking the text link. Heavy viewership may be causing difficulty viewing. Thank you for your patience.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to the students who have dedicated many hours to working on these videos while also working on their distance learning assignments. They came together with just a vague idea to make a video, and created these beautiful pieces quickly.

High School Committee Chair: Zach Jordan

High School Committee:

  • Noah Jung
  • Mia Taylor
  • Erica Derby
  • Simone Adhikari
  • Madison Roecker
  • Kamyar Dargahi
  • Ryan Mapes

Middle School Committee Chairs: Bennett Herbolsheimer and Simon Panfilio

Middle School Committee:

  • Gwen Kleve
  • Aislinn DiRito
  • Madelynn Loring
  • Hannah Nguyen

Elementary School Committee Chairs: Annie McDonnell and Emma Hoopes

Elementary School Committee:

  • Katya Hoopes
  • Maeve Fehringer
  • Sumi Vora
  • Sammi Rajaraman

Editing Committee Chair: Alexa Harper

Editing Committee:

  • Austin Fay
  • Jake Torres
  • Ryan Luo
  • Oscar Proffitt
  • Alexander Wallach
  • Anna Schoenfeld

A special thanks for Noah Jung, Lilija Shuger, Sumi Vora, Danielle Friedenson, Gwen Kleve, Jacob Tow, and the middle school music program for the background music!