Important Update from the Stargate Board

posted Feb 21, 2019, 4:28 PM by Jane Baker

Dear Stargate Community,

As I reported in my update to you last week, on February 11 the Adams 12 Board of Education voted unanimously to renew our charter for a three-year term with the option to request two more years without a formal renewal application.  The resolution contained 17 conditions for the renewal. The full resolution can be accessed here.

Last night the Board passed a motion instructing our school attorney to file a notice of appeal with the Colorado State Board of Education. It is important to note that this is simply an appeal of the process, NOT an appeal of the 17 conditions.  The inclusion of these 17 items as conditions of the renewal eliminates our opportunity to negotiate any of the specifics of these 17 items and is therefore not in the best interest of our community. 

It is also important to note that we agree, and intend to comply, with most of the content in those 17 conditions.  We are already working with District staff to move forward on several of the specific items. This appeal represents the Board’s belief that these 17 important items should be part of contract negotiations to ensure that the terms are explicit and are contractually agreed upon by both parties.  We look forward to continuing our collaborative work with the District staff to make Stargate the best school it can be and better serve our students.

Last night the Board also passed a motion to table the second reading of the revised admissions policy until the March Board meeting.  The delay between first and second readings of policies is intended to provide transparency and opportunity for community engagement when the Board is considering new or modified governance policies. The modified policy can be accessed here.

If you have any questions about the charter renewal process or the admissions policy, please contact us:


Calley Herzog

Stargate Board President