Hischke’s Happenings! November 26, 2018

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Important Dates:

November 28-6:30 Board of Directors Meeting (Performing Arts Auditorium)

November 29 4th gr 8:45am-1:30pm Field Trip University of CO Museum of Natural History

December 6 3-4 pm Jim ’N  Nicks BBQ Dinner (Delivered to Stargate)

December 6-6:30 Prospective Parent Meeting-Elementary

December 7- 6:00pm HOSA Parents Night Out Fundraiser (Sign up required)

December 8-Barnes and Noble Book Fair

December 10-6:30pm Elementary Parent CAPP Information Night

December 12-Board of Directors Meeting

December 13 4-8 pm Panda Express Dining Out

December 18 8:30-2:30 pm 3rd Grade Economics Fair

December 21 Professional Development Day - No school or Eagles Landing

December 24-January 6-Winter Break-campus is closed

January 7-Staff Development-no school for students/Eagle's Landing Closed

January 8-Assessment Day for Elementary Students/Eagle's Landing is available-sign up only

January 9-Elementary Students return to regularly scheduled school day

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Hello to all Stargate Families,




the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

As many of you know, I have been taking the time to write about each of the character traits that our students demonstrate daily and are recognized for through the Soaring slips they receive at school. Our elementary assistant principal, Sara Moeller, implemented this Positive Behavior System at Stargate and to date 2,505 Soaring Passes have been written and given to the students. Impressive!  

As we head into the home stretch before Winter Break I think it is important to remember the act of kindness. Acting with kindness can be such a simple act or gesture. It can be a good morning greeting and an infectious smile to a stranger. It can be a card of gratitude thanking someone for an act of generosity. It can be the  holding of a door for a parent juggling a variety of items all while ensuring their children enter the building safely.

Let’s remember to act with kindness towards each other throughout the school year. We expect kindness from our students and I would like to ask the same of our families. So much gets lost in translation through email and it is always best to ask clarifying questions when a concern arises.

Rise above,

Missy Hischke

Stargate Elementary Principal

Stargate Elementary Student Council announces their holiday community service project:

Classroom Coin Wars - To support A Precious Child

November 26th - December 7th

Each classroom will have a bag to collect money provided by Student Council. Every dollar of paper money donated to the classroom adds points to the classroom. For example, $1.00 bill = +100 points. Donated coins to the class deducts points. For example, 1 quarter = -25 points. Classes can donate their coins to other classes to subtract points from that classroom’s total. Each Wednesday, the classroom money will be counted and who is winning up to that point will be announced. The final count will be Friday, Dec. 7th, and the winning class will earn an ice cream party.

All Donations will be used to buy toys and/or clothes for children in need in our community.

For more information on A Precious Child see https://apreciouschild.org/

The Loop - Morning Drop Off

We feel this would be a great opportunity to revisit the expectations in the loop. Please know that our primary focus is the safety of our students and their families.

As you enter the loop please abide by the following rules and expectations:

  • Pull forward - When parents pull forward, it is amazing how smoothly the loop runs! More cars are able to drop off students at one time which allows for more efficiency.

  • Stay in your car - The Hug and Go lane is designed for parents to stay in their cars and for students to independently exit the car. If you need to assist your child, please use the parking lot and walk them across the crosswalk.

  • Stay in your lane of traffic - The best way to direct traffic is one lane at a time. When drivers cross over from one lane to the other it typically backs up traffic in the loop. I alternate the two lanes to the best of my ability while maintaining safety for those using the crosswalk. There have been times when a driver will attempt to cross into the other lane and then they stop both lanes from moving efficiently.

  • Arrive early - The loop isn’t that busy between 7:40 and 7:45 am

  • Be kind and be please demonstrate patience - I had the pleasure of being the carpool parent in the morning for my son’s first two years of high school. I truly mean that it was a pleasure even though it was time consuming. It would typically take us 15 to 20 minutes to get through the loop at Mountain Range High School and I wouldn’t ask for a minute back. The conversations we would have were priceless and I got to understand my teenage son and his friends in a way I never would have if it wasn’t for the time we spent in the car. Please consider the time together as a gift.

Child Assault Prevention Program

For Students in Kindergarten and New-to-Stargate Students - Last year the workshops were presented to all students in K-5

During the next few weeks, (December 12, 13, and 17) Stargate School will be participating in the Child Assault Prevention (CAP) Program.  As parents concerned about the safety of your children, we hope you will participate in this program with us by attending this adult training.

CAP seeks to prevent child assault by teaching children to recognize and deal with potentially dangerous situations (bullying, stranger abduction, & sexual assault).  CAP also prepares adults who are a part of the child’s community (teachers and parents) to help children in this journey.

The success of the CAP program depends on the support of the school community.  Because we encourage children to share their experiences and concerns with adults, it is important that parents and school personnel be willing and able to respond to these concerns.   We invite you to attend the CAP Parent Training on December 10, 2018 from 6:30-8:30 pm at Stargate School.    Parent participation is crucial for program success.   Please make every effort to attend. This meeting is for adults only.

This presentation will be a comprehensive discussion of the following topics:

·         An overview of sexual assault issues & dynamics including:

·         Definitions and prevalence of sexual assault

·         Blame, denial, & lying

·         Myths & Facts of Victims & Perpetrators

·         The cycle of abuse & how to stop it

·         Safety Tips and Tools for parents regarding issues of Bullying, Stranger Awareness, Sexual Assault

·         Warning signs of possible perpetrators

·         Why children are vulnerable to assault & how to empower them

·         CAP’s successful prevention model to decrease children’s vulnerability to assault

·         A complete description of the children’s classroom presentations

·         Question & Answer & Review of take home materials for parents

In the days following this presentation, we will be conducting CAP classroom workshops at Stargate School for all kindergarten students and all new-to-Stargate students. Last year the workshops were presented to all grade levels in grades K-5. Please attend this parent in-service so we can all help our children be Safe, Strong and Free!  For additional information regarding the CAP program please visit their website at www.FrontRangeCAP.org .

Support Stargate and let Jim 'N Nick's BBQ take care of the cooking!
For $40, you can pre-order a Jim 'N Nick's Family Meal to be picked up at STARGATE on Thursday, December 6th. Each meal consists of one pound of smoked pork or chicken, two pints of scratch-made trimmings, a dozen fresh baked cheese biscuits or 6 buns, barbecue sauce and pickles (feeds 2-4).
Make your selections, enclose cash or a check (made out to "Stargate") and return it to the Front Office by Tuesday, December 4th.
Your meal will be available for you to pick-up at Stargate on Thursday, December 6th. Pick Up Times: 3 PM  OR 3:30 PM OR Eagle's Landing!
25% of each meal sold goes back to Stargate!

12/13 - The Rusty Bucket and Panda Express Dining Night Out

Join Stargate friends, family and staff at our next Dining Out Night, Thursday, December 13th. Enjoy great times and great meals at The Rusty Bucket (located in The Orchard's) and the new Panda Express (on 144th and I-25).


Contest Alert -- Kids and Stargate teachers and staff: Enter your name into our drawing the night of the event at both locations for a chance to win lunch from Panda Express. A lunch (entree and a drink of your choice will be delivered to you at Stargate one day in the month of December.


The Rusty Bucket event is valid all day (lunch, dinner or snacks) and they will donate 15% of all qualified purchase to Stargate when you show they flyer (hard copy or digital version). Please note for the Rusty Bucket, the offer is valid towards Dine-In only, food and soft beverages only. Not valid towards gift card purchases.  


Panda Express will donate 50% of all purchases from 4pm - 8pm when the flyer is displayed (hard copy or digital version on your phone or Ipad) when you place your order.


Flyers are located here.

Barnes & Noble Book Fair

Come support both the Elementary AND the New Secondary Library by attending our Book Fair at Barnes & Noble (Washington St. & 120th).  Your purchases made on December 7th, 8th & 9th count toward our sales total and we will earn a generous percentage. The more we sell the greater our percentage and the more books we can buy!  **Please remember to tell the cashier that you support Stargate School and have our ID# ready: 12440525 This # works at any Barnes & Noble across the Nation! So please, encourage your family and friends  to use it for their Christmas shopping on those days as well. We are also in need of volunteers to be greeters, in-store on December 8th. Please contact Rachelle.Czarnecki@stargateschool.org

Battle of the Books Clubs

Stargate School is excited to be offering the popular co-curricular program.  Battle of the Books, to our students! Adams 12 Battle of the Books is a district program that encourages kids to read by offering them exciting, friendly competition based on their knowledge of a group of books.  The goal of the program is to encourage interactive reading of excellent books.

The club will be held on Monday’s starting Nov 5, 2018-April 15, 2018 3:15-4:15 Teachers will bring your kids outside at 4:15pm.

4th Grade will meet in  Mr. Van Patten room 160

5th Grade will meet in Mrs. Vaughan’s room 147

The cost is $60.00 for 6 months of club meetings, access to all ten books, School Battle, trophies, medals, certificates and end of club party. Please register here:

Battle of the Books 4th Grade https://tinyurl.com/sgbob4

Battle of the Books 5th Grade https://tinyurl.com/sgbob5

Once you have signed up, the fee will be will be entered into IC and can be paid at https://payforit.net/

It is that time again...Yearbooks!

Hello! The elementary yearbook is now in the production process!  Thank you to our our 5th grade student committee and parent volunteers for taking on this project.  After much research and discussion, it was determined that it is best to go with Pictavo again this year.  The elementary book can be ordered online only and the cost is $50 ($52.63 with tax) until January 19. After that date, the price increases to $55 until March 16.  All orders must be placed no later than March 16. Please know there is not an option for personalization this year. I would recommend you keep a copy of your purchase receipt in case there is an issue at distribution.  The distribution date is scheduled for early May.  The school code is 82025.   

To order the 2018-2019 book online, please use the following link:  https://commpe.pictavo.com/PictavoSchool/FindSchool

Yearbook Committee Meeting

We will meet on Thursdays, from 3:15-4:00 in an elementary room to be determined.  Please plan to pick your child up by 4:05.  The meeting dates are as follows:  November: 8 (first meeting); 15, 29; December: 6, 13; January: 10, 17, 24, 31; February:  7, 21, 28 (last meeting).

BYOD Guidelines for 5th Grade Families

In Stargate Middle and High School, students are expected to have their own device and bring it daily to school.  With upcoming Holiday deals, we thought it would be helpful for you to have this in case you want to find a great deal for your student!

Click HERE for the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Guidelines document.

Parent’s Night Out!
When: December 7, 2018   6:00pm-8:30pm
Where: Stargate Secondary Commons

Who: Stargate students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade only (limited number of spots) sign up required

Sign Up By: December 3, 2018 HERE
What: Fun science-themed activities for K-5 Stargate Students!  Parents get a night out!
Why: Fundraiser for Stargate High School HOSA State Competition (for High School students who are passionate about pursuing medical careers)

Tickets are $25 CASH or CHECK at the door. No Credit cards.

All activities are led by Stargate High School HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) Members and Teacher Chaperones
Pizza and dessert included!

Stargate High School Students who are members of HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) are hosting a fundraiser to cover their conference fees for the HOSA Future Health Professionals State Conference. (The cost of attending the state conference is $195 per high school student.)  These high school students are dedicated to pursuing careers in health sciences. They are excited to attend the State Conference in February where they will see exhibits presented by health organizations and associations, compete in events focused on leadership, professional and technical skills, and participate in Educational Symposium workshops presented by professional partners that provide information about current healthcare issues.  
The Stargate High School HOSA students hope that you will enjoy a night out to relax or maybe do some holiday shopping, and they thank you sincerely for supporting them in pursuing their goals of becoming health professionals!  

Lost and Found

Please be sure to check the Lost and Found tables. All items will be donated over Winter Break.

Health Policy-When to Keep your Student Home

District policy states your child must stay home for at least 24 hours if he/she is sent home from school with any of the following:

  • Fever of 100 or above

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

Staff information to help with processes

  • Sandy Francis - Elementary 504 Coordinator K-5 and ELL Coordinator for K-12

  • Nancy Provataris - Elementary School Psychologist

  • Chris Fee - K-3 Learning Services Provider

  • Patrick Holmbo - 4-5 Learning Services Provider

  • Sara Moeller - Elementary Assistant Principal

  • Veronica Vieyra - Administrative Assistant to Missy Hischke and Sara Moeller

  • Lori Bustamante - Elementary Registrar

  • Traci Snouffer-Elementary Health Aide