Hischke’s Happenings! April 9, 2018

posted Apr 9, 2018, 3:43 PM by Jane Baker

Important Dates

April 11-6:00 pm State of the School -Secondary Commons (Meet and Greet starts at 5pm)

April 12 3:30-6  Skate City K-5 only

April 13 5:30-7:30 pm 5th Grade Night

April 16 Professional Development Day (No school for students)

April 17-20 7pm Spring Musical Grease

April 19 8:30am Coffee with Mrs Reid (Middle School Counselor) for 5th grade parents

April 20 Elementary Battle of the Books

April 23 6:00pm Incoming 6th grade Parent Information Night (Secondary Commons)

April 23-27 Scholastic Book Fair(Elementary Library)

April 27 Adroit Expo

A Note from our Counselor, Mrs. Gibson:

Lessons for the month of April

I hope all of our Stargate families had a wonderful Spring Break! We all loved returning to school excited for the month of April! This month, the students will be talking about and completing Random Acts of Kindness for Character Development. Always encourage your child to remember the golden rule, “Treat others how you want to be treated”. Every grade has a different topic for social emotional lessons this month from the Second Step program ranging from “Taking Responsibility” to “Playground Problems”. Just a reminder…the 5th Grade Fun Night is taking place on Friday, April 13th, and we look forward pizza and fun activities J

Throughout this month, I will be teaching a “Protective Behavior” lesson to all classes. It is extremely important for the children to have this review from the beginning of the school year and to know all about body safety rules. Here are a couple of informative websites to look through to help discuss the topic with your child at home:



5th Grade Night!

To all 5th grade parents...please join Mrs. Gibson and other staff for an evening of fun on Friday, April 13th, from 5:30-7:30pm. Please check in with the Elementary Building for additional permission slips if yours was misplaced. We highly encourage all 5th graders to come for a special night to remember!

CMAS Testing Dates

Here is the testing schedule for CMAS. Please make sure your student arrives to school on time with a healthy breakfast. Please note that CMAS testing is only for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students. Testing will take place in classrooms throughout the building and will be proctored by Stargate teachers and staff.









ELA/Math Make-ups

5th Science (80 min)




ELA/Math Make-ups

5th Science (80 min)



5th Science (80 min)



Noetic Math



ELA/Math/Science Make-ups


PD Day

No Students



ELA/Math/Science Make-ups



ELA/Math/Science Make-ups



ELA/Math/Science Make-ups



ELA/Math/Science Make-ups



ELA/Math/Science Make-ups



ELA/Math/Science Make-ups



ELA/Math/Science Make-ups



ELA/Math/Science Make-ups


End of Testing Window

Nominations are now OPEN for Stargate Governance Board Positions

Nominations are open NOW through April 14 for TWO seats on the Governance Board of Directors. Both seats will hold a three-year term. Information on what is required to be a Board Member can be found HERE. You may also contact Sharon Robinson, Chair of the Recruiting Committee at 303-981-6942 or recruiting@stargateschool.org with any questions.

Interested applicants should follow THIS LINK to submit their nomination by April 14.


Elections – Paperless voting is coming, but we need your help

Stakeholders –

We want to let you know that we are making some changes to the Stargate election process.  However, before you delete or move on from this message, this is not your regular election notice!

Twice a year, you have an opportunity to vote on important school stuff (including electing members to the School Board and the School Accountability Committee)

It is important because you vote and decide who serves on the elected boards and committees of Stargate School.

To improve voter turnout and reduce our overall election expenses we are going to be moving to paperless email voting, and YOU ARE A BIG PART OF IT.

For the Spring 2018 Stargate Election, we are going to introduce paperless email voting as well as paper-based voting just like we have offered for the past few years.

Why BOTH methods of voting and not just one? As any student of Stargate will tell you, change can take a few tries.  As such, our goal is to adopt a completely paperless election in the Fall 2018, but for the election of Spring 2018, we want to offer both options (email or paper) so we can work out any problems with paperless voting before diving all the way.

For the Spring 2018 election, you will still receive a colorful ballot instruction via your Monday folders (ES) or by mail (MS-HS) just like you have in the past.  For some of you, these are the paper ballots that your dog ate, or you child did not tell you about until you called the election committee and then found it… but I digress.

Stakeholders who have a “qualified email address” that is registered with Infinite Campus will ALSO receive an email which will also enable them to vote.  If you get both options to vote (paper and email), you can vote either way, but once you vote by either method, you cannot vote a second time and your ballot or email that you did not use becomes invalid once your vote is cast.  Note that we our offering both options only for the Spring 2018 election.

Infinite Campus Link:  https://ic.adams12.org/campus/adams12.jsp

What is this “qualified email address”?

A “qualified” email address has three characteristics (and all must be satisfied to vote by email):

  1. Your email address must be current. A current email address is one that you check regularly (i.e. daily).  It can be a work or personal email address, but it must be one that you know works and you are actively able to use.

  2. Your email address must be valid. A valid email address is one that has been entered correctly.  Examples of valid email addresses are: bob21@gmail.com, dogsforbones33@comcast.net, elmer.fudd@hotmail.com.  Examples of invalid addresses are: bobsemailnodomain, baddomain@gmai.cnmm, and missingatsign.com.

  3. It must be unique. A unique email address is on that is NOT SHARED (because we can only send one ballot per email address).

Audience participation time:  Do you know who is responsible for ensuring they have a current, valid, and unique email address registered in Infinite Campus (where we get the list of stakeholders and their email addresses) 30 days prior to the election??  YOU ARE!


In preparation for the spring election we need to YOU to register and reconfirm that you have a VALID EMAIL address in Infinite Campus.  We will collect the email addresses from Infinite Campus 30 days prior to the spring election.  Even if you believe your email is correct, please double-check.

Your vote depends on it!

Need More Information?

For more information about paper-less voting, please go to our Election Page at http://charter.stargateschool.org/elections


Stargate's First Annual After-Prom Party:

Grab an extra cup of coffee and come volunteer for Stargate's first After-Prom Party.  The After-Prom will be Saturday, April 21st from 11pm - 2am at the field house.  Many volunteers will be needed to make this a fun, safe experience for our kids.  Your kid isn't a junior? That's ok. You can still volunteer to see what After-Prom will look like when your child gets there.  If the late hours won't work for you, we also need volunteers to set up Friday night and Saturday and for clean up on Sunday. Click here to sign up:


Gala Photos

Thank you to Yvonne Min Photography for taking pictures at the Gala. Here is the link to the photos. If you hover or click on an image, you can download it to your computer.


The Scholastic Book Fair is coming!

April 23 – 27th

In the Stargate Elementary Library

Online 4-18 through 5-1

Our Scholastic Book Fair is a reading event that provides a wonderful selection of engaging and affordable books for every reading level. Please makes plans to come to our Book Fair.  Remember, all purchases benefit our school. If you want to purchase books for our new expanded space next year,

you can use the link below to see our library wish list.


If you are interested in volunteering to help out at the book fair, contact Jean Farr or Rachelle Czarnecki  


5th Grade Choir Students Will Perform at the Greek Amphitheater in Civic Center Park

Rodney Osburn, the K-5 General Music teacher at Stargate, is happy to announce that his 5th grade choir students will be performing  at the Greek Amphitheater in Civic Center Park on May 18, 2018 from 11:00AM-12:00PM. The students will perform several Beatles songs including many from the Beatles “Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band” album in celebration of the 50th-year anniversary release date, June 2017.


The free event, called Beatles in the Park, serves a greater purpose to bring awareness to the homeless community. Students will be making large signs with messages like: HELP THE HOMELESS and PEOPLE NEED HOMES. Fundraising through donations at the event is still TBD. The 12 songs the students will perform include: Twist and Shout, Eleanor Rigby, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, With A Little Help From My Friends, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, When I'm 64, Penny Lane, Blackbird, Here Comes the Sun, Golden Slumbers, Carry that Weight and The End. The 100 plus students will be dressed to look just like the Sgt. Pepper album cover with an additional 2 rows of contemporary famous people. Several 5th grade students will accompany the choir with guitars, keyboards, bass and drums. There will also be several professional musicians from local symphonies and Rock bands (including teachers and parents) who will join with the students on certain “iconic” cameo instrumental parts. This should be a truly “multi-generational” event. A splendid time is guaranteed for all! Thanks for your attention to this.


We hope many will be able to attend this event.


Annual Art Show

As teachers gather art for our Annual Art Show, arrangements must be made for Elementary 3-D art. Special instructions from Mrs. Beatty are below.


Many hands make light work of all the art hanging; if you can spare an hour during Adroit Day, please sign up at  http://bit.ly/ArtHelp .


Art will be on display from April 30-May 11 and our special Art Show Reception is planned for May 3rd from  6-8 pm with food trucks from Fundraising!


Elementary 3-D Art Submissions for Art Show

Hi Parents and Students! We are doing things a little differently this year. I wanted to have every Stargate student involved in the art show this year, so I have been collecting 2-D artwork throughout the school year for the art show. I will collect 2-d work from my third trimester students right before the art show.

Right after Spring Break, we will be collecting 3-D artwork from any and all students.  They can submit one 3-D piece. Please place a piece of tape on their 3-D work with their first and last name and homeroom on it.  Place it on a spot that will not be visible when displayed. We have limited space to display 3-D work, so if we get a ton of entries, we may have to cap it at a certain point.  Every student will have one or two pieces of 2-D work in the show though.


What?  Elementary 3-D ARTWORK with FIRST and LAST name on it and HOMEROOM

How Much?  ONE PIECE

When?  Can submit it from April 2nd-April 20th

How and Where? Submit pieces by bringing them to the elementary art room (ROOM 148) between the hours of 8 AM and 3:30 PM.  When you bring the work by, you must fill out a label for your artwork.


Second Annual Car Show Fundraiser
Come join the Stargate RallyX Project on Saturday April 28th at 9:00 A.M. at Stargate School for the Second Annual Car Show Fundraiser! Everyone is invited to bring any car they have! There will be food and drinks and it is fun for the whole family! There is no entry fee however donations are appreciated. All proceeds go to the RallyX project. We hope to see you all there!

Be part of a Research Study for Gifted Kids!

Kristine Zytka, a student from the University of Denver, is interested in collecting data for her dissertation research at Stargate School. Kristine is a doctoral student in the school psychology program at the University of Denver, and currently practices as a school psychologist in Colorado. Through her education and fieldwork experiences, Kristine has recognized the need to educate school psychologists and other practitioners about the gifted population. Because gifted children exhibit unique behavioral characteristics, they are more likely to be misdiagnosed with behavioral deficits. Most mental health professionals do not receive training in serving gifted children, which increases the likelihood of misinterpreting gifted behaviors as problematic behaviors. Kristine is interested in how a commonly used behavioral assessment, the Behavior Assessment Scale for Children, can be used to differentiate between gifted characteristics and behavioral diagnosis.


The research involves parents and teachers completing a 20-30 minute online questionnaire asking questions about students’ behaviors. This questionnaire includes questions from the Behavior Assessment Scale for Children. It is anticipated that this research will ultimately contribute to the improvement of gifted identification methods, educate school professionals about gifted characteristics, and prevent misdiagnoses among the gifted population. Your school will be provided with a summary of the research results in addition to professional development on supporting the social-emotional needs of gifted children.


Your participation in this research is very much appreciated, as it will help practitioners better understand gifted children and ensure that they are being supported appropriately. If this study interests you, you may sign a consent form indicating that you agree to participate in the research. This consent form will be sent via email in the next couple of weeks. Thank you


Parent consent form: https://udenver.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8pKk5sUr5tXt0bj


Don't Forget To Order Lunch!

Reminder to all Stargate parents. Please don't forget to order lunch for your hungry students. Hot meals must be ordered a minimum of  2 days in advance. There are No Same Day Meal Orders. Meals are easily ordered through the online ordering system. Login at:  https://michaels.h1.hotlunchonline.net/

Fridays are Pizza Friday and need to be ordered through MyKidsLunch under "Stargate Pizza Friday."

Login at:  https://michaels.h1.hotlunchonline.net/

Please consider signing up to volunteer on Pizza Fridays. It’s a great way to spend lunch with your children and enjoy a delicious slice of pizza. To get started please click the following:

Elementary: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C094FA5A628A0F58-elementary1