Fall Fundraiser Information

posted Oct 10, 2018, 5:22 AM by Jane Baker

Dear Friends and family of Stargate -

Our most important fundraiser of the year - our Fall Fundraiser - is getting ready to be kicked off!  Scroll down to the bottom of this email message and take a sneak peek at some of the great items available this year. Get ready to get an early jump on holiday shopping and share with friends and family. Every sale benefits Stargate!

Things you need to know:

- Our sale starts on Wednesday, October 12th and ends on Friday, October 26th.

- Each Elementary and Middle School student will come home with a complete packet that includes everything you need to know in order to support Stargate's fundraising goals:

1) Online order information sheet with our School ID

2) Prize poster with detailed prize information 

**** In addition to the prize chart, sell 25 items and join our exciting "Limo to Lunch" experience (Date for this is TBD) ***

3) Gift wrap catalog

4) Kitchen and Home catalog

5) Paper order form

PLEASE NOTE: All items are available online (even greater selection online) or thru paper order forms. We PREFER online orders since the order and delivery process is much simpler for our limited volunteer staff.

- Our School ID is: z-16094

- High School Families can visit www.charlestonwrapstore.com to register your student with Stargate School ID z-16094, and shop online from the complete Fall Fundraiser catalog.

- Orders, including prizes earned for sales, will be delivered in approx. 4 weeks

- Prizes earned for sending out invitations to friends and family (for example, sending out 10 emails) will be delivered ~1 day after confirmation.

- Prize tracking is done online/automatically; once your student is registered online for the sale you'll be able to see the number of prizes earned.

- Additional order forms and packets will be available in the Stargate front office.

- Samples of items, including wrapping paper, will be on display in both front offices starting on 10/12/18.

Thank you for supporting Stargate!!


Stargate Fundraising Committee