C Notes 5/22/17

posted Jun 5, 2017, 1:41 PM by Jane Baker

What a year!!!!!!!!! I think back to August when we were unloading trucks, tearing open boxes and carrying furniture into classrooms. Our entire staff pitched in, supported each other and made it work. 4,000+ community members joined us for our grand opening and helped us make Stargate History! We opened our new campus to 1157 students in grades K-10 with over 100 staff to support our students. We learned very quickly that the traffic loop and parking needed extra love and attention. Our students and staff were extremely flexible as they awaited the opening of the field house and the final touches being completed in both buildings. The new classrooms, the learning, the projects, social events, Harry Potter Night, academic competitions, athletic competitions, music performances, and Beauty and the Beast!!!! Our kids and staff have had an incredible year.


It wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the tireless efforts of our amazing staff! Thank you teachers and support staff for always going above and beyond to do what is best for Stargate Kids! Thank you to our parents and community members who always ‘Show Up!’ whether it be to volunteer in a classroom, on a field trip, on a board committee or with a donation. Your ability to support the work we do is overwhelming and much appreciated! Thank you to our students for being a constant reminder of why we are here! The depth and complexity at which you think and operate challenge us all to be better everyday!


The Adroit Expo was such a great way for all of us to show who we really are as individuals. The empathy our students showed, as well as their individual passions, was nothing short of incredible!


I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing summer! I look forward to the new memories we will make next year and the amazing things our students will continue to do at our school and in our community!  




Below are a few highlights from an incredible year...

  • Grants: Stargate received $137,500 in grant funding from the Adams County Open Space Advisory Board to partially fund a Nature Trail and site amenities at our new campus at 144th and Washington.

  • Fundraising: The parent-led fundraising committee, through the joint efforts of the annual campaign, GALA, and myriad of other fundraising events throughout the calendar year, have nearly met their goal of $200,000 dollars raised during this school calendar year.

  • 12 additional staff earned their Gifted Endorsement this school year bringing our total to 31 staff members with a Gifted Endorsement

  • 32 teachers and staff will take on-line gifted coursework this summer to work towards their endorsement.

  • Student Recognition:

    • Battle of the Books 5th grade teams 2nd Place in Adams 12 district competition

    • Girls on the Run inaugural year

    • Brain Bowl: 6th grade team finished 11th in State Finals

    • High School Knowledge Bowl finished 2nd in State Finals

    • Geography Bee

    • Spelling Bee

    • Science Olympiad: 11th place overall at State Competition, with two first place teams

      • Megha Kumar and Anoushka Jani won 1st place in Food Science

      • Kelly McVeigh and Sydney Heys won 1st place in Write It Do It (Technical Writing)

    • Math Counts Middle School Chapter 1st place team (Donavon Facey, Jacob Hofer, Jacob Lei, and Natalie Stone); 1st place individual (Donavon Facey)

    • NREL Solar Car Challenge Champions- 1st Place team (Nicholas Wilkins, Abhishek Roy, and Leyton Bamesberger) - 3rd Place team (Tvishi Krishnakumar, Nicolas Tsiridis, and Dalton Acker)

    • Sports offered in grades 6-10, many available on campus for the first season!

      • Soccer

      • Basketball

      • Volleyball

      • Cross Country

      • Baseball

      • Track and Field: Inaugural season included many personal bests at the district finals, with Emilie Johnson and Emily Dibonas winning 1st place in the 300 m hurdles and 100 m, respectively. The girls 4 x 400 relay and sprint medley also won first place.

      • High School Girls Soccer Won the end of season tournament and went 10-2

      • Middle School Girls Soccer won the league championship

    • 4th Annual Art Show: More than 400 pieces of student-created art were displayed across campus

    • 1st Annual Adroit Day: More than 1,000 students and staff members displayed their passion areas of interest

    • 1st Annual International Festival: Many countries and cultures were represented in this first-ever Stargate event.

    • Music Performance

      • High School Orchestra earned Best in Class and the Band earned Runner-up for 2A schools at CHSAA Winter Park venue performance

      • Middle School Orchestra went to the CHSAA Festival in Colorado Springs and earned straight I ratings, the highest possible score

    • Drama Department's premiere performances included The 39 Steps and Beauty & the Beast to nightly sold-out crowds