C Notes 10/30/17

posted Oct 30, 2017, 2:48 PM by Jane Baker

What an amazing week at Stargate!

  • 3rd and 4th graders visited Celestial Seasonings as part of their Economics Unit

  • 1st and 2nd graders have been presenting their 3D insect projects.

  • Mr. O had Stone Soup, The Titanic and a Yellow Submarine at the fall elementary music concert. The set design was incredible!  

  • Audience members were transported into video games as the theme songs from major video games were performed during music Mrs. Pegler’s high school band and orchestra concert.

  • The middle school band and orchestra played a variety of spooky songs during their Halloween themed concert.

  • Middle school students took the Don't Be A Monster oath during the anti-bully assembly on Wednesday.

  • 11th grade students took the PSAT for the final time before taking the SAT this Spring

  • Officer Mendez presented to the elementary students on Thursday about Respecting others and being aware of personal space

  • Friday evening was the most amazing Harry Potter Experience ever! A HUGE shoutout to our CRC and incredible volunteers that made this memorable night possible. The planning and activities were outstanding!

    • Hermione’s Handbag

    • Defense Against the Dark Arts

    • Mirror of Erised

    • Sorting Hat

    • Potions CLass

    • Diagon Alley with all the businesses

    • Hogsmeade

    • Potters Escape Room

    • Care of Magical Creatures

    • And so much more....

  • Saturday morning, our high school volleyball team competed in the Confluence League tournament. The varsity team went undefeated during the round robin play knocking off Eagle Ridge Academy who had previously only lost one game entering the the tournament. They ended up taking 2nd place capping an incredible inaugural varsity season!   

  • Saturday afternoon, 10th grader Ashley Dibonas and 9th grader James Jessup represented Stargate in our first ever state championship athletic competition! James finished  22/160 with a pace of 5:31 per mile and Ashley finished 99/152 with a pace of 7:03  per mile.

  • Stargate Athletics are on the RISE!


Tuesday, October 31st the Elementary Building will operate on a Wednesday schedule to accommodate the afternoon Halloween parties. All elementary students are allowed to dress up for Halloween and we will have a Costume Parade to start the day. Parents are welcome to sit in the Auditorium seating in the Elementary Commons for the parade; parents will be able to enter at approximately 7:55am.

Middle school and high school students are allowed to dress up for Halloween. However, tomorrow is a normal academic day in the Secondary Building. Costumes that are inappropriate, offensive, or out of dress code are not allowed.

In looking at costume options for all of our students, please consider the following:

● No scary costumes

● No costumes that cover faces/conceal identity

● No weapons

● No costumes that will not allow you to function normally in a classroom setting

Thank you for your help in creating a safe and pleasant experience for all students on our K-12 campus.

Harry Potter Night Thanks

Harry Potter Night helpers, too numerous to name here, thank you so very much for all the effort you have put in to make this night a success! Your hundreds of hours of work made for a great showing. With the help of so many wonderful volunteers this year, the whole CRC event from setup to cleanup went smoothly. Every single activity was a hit and perhaps the only "complaint"  heard was that the wait-list was full for the Escape Room. The Middle School's "Potter's Prison" team did a fantastic job!

Special thanks to:

  • Our resident Dumbledore, Allen Landree, for putting so many smiles on so many faces!

  • Sorting Hat Wizards- Ed Goyette and Mark Hoopes for bringing the sorting hat to life with the magic of technology!

  • Conjurer of Fantastic Photos- Yvonne Min

  • The Hogwarts House Professors- Tessa vonHilsheimer, Shalaine Root, William Fulton and winner of the House Cup, Kristen Andersen of Gryffindor House!

  • High Inquisitor Meaghan Walsh.

  • Special Thanks to our incredible Professors: Tom Roling, PJ Magin, Stephanie Trzaska & Stephanie Blamires.

Congratulation to Fanfiction and Fan Art Winners!

The winners are:

  • Lia Morley of Elementary for Fan Fiction story titled, "Rebecca Potter and the Infamous Creature."

  • Sandra Vo of Secondary for Fan Fiction story titled "Dreams"

  • Chana Kumar of Elementary for Fan art titled "Gate of Stars"

  • Eliza Serlin of Secondary for Fan art titled "Shine Bright!

And special (elementary) recognition to Fan Favorite

  • Gavin Lehman

All contributors work can be seen here.

Community Relations Committee

Got ideas for next year's event? Email us at crc@stargateschool.org ! Want to be part of the event? We can add you to the distribution list for the planning committee.

The Community Relations Committee's next meeting is on November 8th, at 8:15 a.m. at Daylight Donuts . Meetings last approximately 1 hour.

Next Meeting - Stargate Fundraising Committee

There will be a Fundraising meeting, Wednesday, November 1st at 6:00pm in the Stargate Secondary Building (in the College Room).  This meeting is open to the community and anyone interested in giving back or becoming more involved in  Stargate is encouraged to attend - hope you can join us!  If you are unable to attend but would like to find out more about the Fundraising Committee, please email fundraising@stargateschool.org.

Upcoming Events

Sweet Cow MooMobile and Infinitus Pizza Truck - Friday, November 3rd 5pm - 7pm

Sweet Cow MooMobile and Infinitus Pizza food trucks will be at Stargate on Friday, November 3rd from 5pm-7pm.  We've lined this up to coincide with our Fall Play.  Stop by for dinner and/or dessert!

Chick-Fil-A Dining Out

Tuesday, November 7th is our next Chick-Fil-A Dining Out event (from opening to closing) at the Larkridge location: 16670 Washington St, Thornton, CO 80023.  Be sure to let the cashier know that you are from Stargate – we’ll get 20% of all Stargate sales.

Fundraising Updates

Stargate Fall Fundraiser

A big "Thank You" to all of our Stargate supporters for your efforts towards the Fall Fundraiser. Here are the dates for deliveries, etc:

Tuesday, Nov. 7th Bingo/Ice Cream Party

Thursday, Nov. 9th Limo Ride to lunch (Elementary)

Wednesday, Nov. 15th Cookie Dough Delivery

Limo ride to lunch - Middle School (TBD)

Box Tops and Longmont Dairy Milk Caps

The winning class for the Box Tops is Mrs. Bolger's class with 1,350. We collected over 10,000 Box Tops!! Thank you to Meredith Kotschau and Amy Kish for coordinating Box Tops and Jenn Braly for coordinating Longmont Dairy Milk Caps!

Skate City

Mrs. Kim's 1st/2nd grade class had the most skaters at our recent event- they will be having a Popsicle  celebration! We earned over $200 for this event - thank you to all of our attendees and THANK YOU to Danielle Bruso for coordinating this event!

Harry Potter Night

Thank you to the CRC for a great event this past Friday!!  The Fundraising Committee has a few t-shirts and Pop Sockets available for purchase. Please contact fundraising@stargateschool.org to purchase yours! Thank you to our Fundraising volunteers for supporting our sale at this event: Darcie Ball, Barbra Duncan, Paul Marx, Julie Sadler, Amanda Szymanski, and Denise Vitt.