C Notes 10/16/17

posted Oct 16, 2017, 3:48 PM by Jane Baker

Thanks so much to all the parents, students and teachers for their participation in conferences last week. I think our format of full days out of school for all students was highly successful and allowed parents in both buildings the chance to engage with teachers regarding their student’s progress.

We had an incredible Professional Development Day today! Our entire staff participated in 6 round robin sessions where they actively engaged in a variety of topics.

  • Mr. Varel and Ms. Bolger each taught a session on Design Thinking in the Classroom.  

  • Mrs. Hischke and Ms. Blamires engaged the staff on Constructed Response and our writing initiatives across all content areas that are aimed to address our growth deficiency on standardized tests.

  • Mr. Cable presented to the elementary teachers on best grading practices while Ms. Walsh engaged the secondary staff with providing robust feedback to students.

  • Mrs. Blackmon presented on our process for collegial visits (peer observations) and reviewed an article on how collegiality can lead to improved climate, student learning and teacher job satisfaction.

  • Mrs. Hunt provided all staff with a session on best practices and legal compliance for special education.

  • I reviewed with the staff our rubrics for educator effectiveness and the process Mr. Cable and Mrs. Hischke will be following to evaluate their teachers this school year.

  • Mrs. Zinn updated all Classified staff  about Admissions, Mrs. Carlile talked about extra benefits available and Mrs. Cottrell presented on Excellent Customer Service.

  • Mrs. Baker presented to front office staff about the Stargate websites and substitute system and to all classified staff about goal setting.

I appreciate the staff’s hard work today, as well as the presenters who helped our staff to get better today!

Thank you to all the parents who attended our Coffee with C last week. We had a great morning reviewing our plans to improve growth scores through writing initiatives and answered a variety of questions. The next Coffee with C will be November 7th, 2017 at 8:05am.

Please join us Wednesday night at 6:30pm for our monthly board meeting where we are offering free childcare for parents who you signed up their children by the deadline this morning.

If you have a middle schooler this week is spirit week!

Tuesday, October 17th - Dress like a teacher day - Dress like your favorite teacher this day!

Wednesday, October 18th - Holiday Day - Dress like your favorite holiday!  Examples: Dress like a Christmas tree, a present, a pumpkin, a valentine etc. (NO MASKS, but have fun and be creative)

Thursday, October 19th - Cos Play Day - Dress like ANY FAVORITE character of yours! Examples: Disney character, movie character, superhero character, video game character etc. (NO MASKS, but have fun and be creative)

Friday, October 20th - Class Color Day!

6th graders show your spirit by wearing any YELLOW (neon, regular etc.)    

7th Graders show your spirit be wearing any PINK (neon, regular etc.)  

8th Graders show your spirit by wearing any BLUE (neon, regular etc.)

Community Relations Committee

Teacher Conference Food follow up - Round of applause and thanks to the CRC team lead Anne Kleve and her team members  Stacy Tempas, Andrea Smith, Lisa Nee, Tami Pippert, Terri Miller, and everyone who helped and contributed. The effort was GREATLY appreciated and the food was a huge hit!

Community Relations Committee-Harry Potter Night October 27, 2017

An invitation to all Stargate students, staff and their families to the

2nd Annual Harry Potter & The Gate of Stars Night

October 27, 2017 6:00 – 8:30 pm; $1 for every person

Costume or Muggle attire required. Throughout the Secondary building, across Hagrid’s Pumpkin Patch, and within the Field House, it will be a spellbinding night. Students traveling through the Gate of Stars may earn house points by completing any 5 activities with a total of 5 points maximum. You will be able to keep score with your enchanted parchment located in The Daily Prophet: Gate of Stars Edition.

Get Sorted with our New Sorting Hat. Visit Diagon Alley with Ollivanders or Smallivanders for the smaller wizards, make it through Quidditch practice (K-5 version or Secondary teams), meet Newt and the Nifflers, be transformed in Transfiguration Class and ALWAYS look for other hidden activities.

Madame Malkin’s will sell special edition Gate of Stars t-shirts and Wiseacre’s Wizarding Equipment has Stargate PopSockets and King Sooper Reloadable Cards. Plan on dinner with Amore Food Truck and StuGo will have ButterBeer (cream soda) and other concessions available for a nominal fee. Cash required for entry and concessions.

Volunteers earn extra House Points! Secondary and older (and adults!) sign up at  http://bit.ly/HarryPotter2017

Need an extension to complete your Fan Fiction or Fan Art? Contact crc@stargateschool.org . Rules for entries are found at: goo.gl/Em8GD3

Limited Edition Event T-shirts

It’s what to wear beneath your Robes - Harry Potter and the Gate of Stars T-shirts for sale at Madam Malkin's Robes for Every Occasion in Diagon Alley during Harry Potter Night ! Early shoppers can choose from Gryffindor, Slytherin, or Stargate colors.  Kid wizard sizes XS – L & Adult muggle sizes S – XL.  $12, or 2 t-shirts for $20.  Cash, check, charge.  Outfit your wizard or muggle family in the proper attire for Stargate’s wizarding event of the year!


The Triplico spell has been cast – King Soopers Fundraising cards available during Harry Potter Night in the enchanted pumpkin at Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment in Diagon Alley. A Triplico spell has turned THREE of the $5 cards into cards preloaded with $15. Let your wand do the choosing and purchase a $5 preloaded card for $5.  Three buyers possessing powerful magic will get a card preloaded with $15.  All cards magically earn 5% for Stargate each time you add $ to your card at King Soopers registers or customer service.

How to Gift a Muggle or No-Mag:

When:  Harry Potter and the Gate of Stars Night, Oct. 27, 2017.  6:00 – 8:30

Where:  Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment in Diagon Alley

Curious about how to show your appreciation to those living beyond the wizarding world?  Amusingly, the muggle world is fascinated by cellular phones that “magically” communicate and amuse.  Lacking the power to levitate, cell phones need Pop Sockets to transform the devices into something stylish, convenient, and self-propping.  Stargate Pop Sockets are the charming and practical gift for muggles of all ages.  $10, cash, check, charge.

Fundraising Committee The Fundraising Committee is searching for more volunteers! If you like planning events and want to get involved in your child's school, the Fundraising Committee is the place to be! We have several crucial fundraising programs that need support - no experience necessary. Contact fundraising@stargateschool.org for more info.

Fundraising Events

Stargate Fall Fundraiser

A big "Thank You" to all of our Stargate supporters for your efforts towards the Fall Fundraiser. As soon as we have completed our counting, we will provide grand total information as well as prize winners!

Box Tops and Longmont Dairy Milk Caps

The winning class for the Longmont Dairy Milk Caps is Mrs. Walls! Her class had a total of 922 milk caps. Overall we collected a total of 6,101!

Upcoming Events

Skate City, Thursday, October 19th, 4pm-6pm; for K-5 ONLY!!

Skate City "Neon Glow Skate" is planned for Thursday, October 19th, 4-6 pm. Admission is $5.00 and Skate Rental is $2.50. Glow sticks are $.50 each. Catch the Skate City fun bus (provided by Skate City, not a district or Stargate bus) and get a free ride to the skate party! The bus will pick up children at the school by 3:30pm for this ONE-WAY ONLY bus trip. All parents MUST pick up children at Skate City by 6pm! Permission slips and flyers will be going home in Monday folders and are available online here.


Dining “In” Night

We’ll be hosting a Dine “In” Night with Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ on Thursday, October 26th.  With this fundraiser you can pre-order a Jim 'N Nick's Family Meal (feeds 3-4) to be picked up at Stargate on Thursday, October 26th.  We’ll be sending home and posting pre-order forms online here. Simply make your selections, include a check (written out to Stargate) or cash, and return to the front office or to your child’s teacher.  Your meal will be waiting for you at the front of the school at the time you specify on your order form. Stargate will earn $$ for each meal ordered.