Cable Connection May 7, 2018

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Important Dates:

May 7- 6pm High School Awards Ceremony-Secondary Commons

May 7 6:15pm-Evergreen Development Presentation (Elementary)

May 7-18- AP Exams

May 9- 5:30pm Board of Directors Working Session-Secondary College Center

May 10- MS Band and Orchestra Field Trip

May 11-Professional Development Day-no school for students

May 14- 6pm Rock Band Concert

May 15- 6pm  Middle School Choir Concert

May 16-1:05pm Middle School Recognition Assembly

May 16- 2:05pm-3:30pm Middle School Staff/Student Basketball Game

May 16- 6:30pm Board of Directors Business Meeting

May 18- 11th grade Field Trip

May 21-24- Finals Week (dismissal at 11:30am on May 22, 23 and 24)

May 23- 6:30pm 8th Grade Continuation and Party

May 25 Professional Development Day - No school or Eagles Landing for students

One of our students, Steven Dobson, took a few photos of our Adroit Expo from his drone, and this is one of the best pictures that captured the day. I am prooud of all our students for making it a great day. Thank you for supporting your student's passions and supporting the school in holding a day like the Adroit Expo day!


Middle School End of Year Recognition Assembly May 15

On Wednesday, May 15, Middle School STUGO and staff will host their final Pep Assembly of the year at 1:05pm in the Fieldhouse.  This Pep Assembly will be for recognizing student involvement in school-based activities outside the classroom. If your student is receiving a participation certificate, you will be sent an email invitation this week. Parents/Guardians are welcome to attend.

NWEA MAPS Middle School Testing

Beginning April 30th through May 14th we will administer an end of year NWEA reading and math MAPS assessment to all middle school students. These tests will take place in Connect class. Students will test on their own device, so please help ensure your student has their computer charged and at school during this testing window. These tests will provide us with achievement and growth data in the areas of reading and math.

High School AP Testing

High School AP testing will take place from May 7th - May 18th at Stargate. The testing schedule is below and is based on national testing dates and times. Please note that morning tests begin at 8:00 am. Students need to be at school in time to be in their testing room by 8:00 am on their test day.

AP Test

Test Date and Time


May 7 @ 8:00am-11:15am

Physics 1

May 8 @ 12:00pm-3:00pm

English Lit.

May 9 @ 8:00am-11:00am

Environmental Science

May 10 @ 12:00pm-3:00pm

US History

May 11 @ 8:00am-11:15am (note this is a non-student day but the test will still take place)

Computer Science

May 11 @ 12:00pm-2:00pm (note this is a non-student day but the test will still take place)

Calculus BC

May 15 @ 8:00am-11:15am

English Lang.

May 16 @ 8:00am-11:15am

World History

May 17 @ 8:00am-11:15am

Human Geography

May 18 @ 8:00am-10:15am

All of these testing days, except the May 11th teacher in-service day, are normal school days and students will need to work with the teachers of the classes they miss during their AP test to stay caught up in those classes. Because every AP test is long, rigorous, and demanding, we recognize students may have a hard time attending classes before or after their AP test. With this in mind, you are able to excuse your student from classes (keep them home or pick them up/have them leave campus) for the remainder of their AP test day. If you work with your student and decide it is best for them to miss morning classes before an afternoon AP test or miss afternoon classes after a morning AP test, please follow normal absence reporting and send an email to with your student's name and the date and time they will miss class. Students are responsible to work with their teachers to make up anything they miss.

Secondary Finals May 21st-24th

In an effort to maximize student success and minimize student stress and anxiety, our finals schedule is spread-out over four days. Monday, May 21st will be a normal dismissal at 3:35 pm. Tuesday, May 22nd, Wednesday, May 23rd, and Thursday, May 24th will be half days (8:15 am - 11:30 am). This schedule allows students to have no more than two finals each day, and extra time to prepare for finals/decompress in the afternoon on May 22nd and May 23rd. Please make arrangements for your student to be picked up by noon on Tuesday, May 22nd, Wednesday, May 23rd, and Thursday, May 24th. Also, please remember that students do not have class on Friday, May 25th. Please access the detailed finals schedule here.  


Finals/Last Week of School Adjustment for 8th Grade Students

Our 8th grade will have a modified finals schedule/last week of school. All 8th grade students will take finals for periods 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7 on Friday, May 18th and Monday May 21st, with normal 3:35 pm release times both days. They will take their period 2 and 3 finals on Tuesday, May 22nd and be released at 11:30 am with all other students. On Wednesday, May 22nd we have an 8th grade breakfast in the field house at 8:15 am hosted by our Community Relations Committee, followed by 8th Grade Continuation practice in the field house. They will be released at 11:30 am with all other students. Our 8th Grade Continuation ceremony will take place Wednesday, May 23rd at 6:30 pm, followed by an 8th grade student party from 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm (more information about this night will be sent to 8th grade families in the next few weeks). There will be no school for 8th grade students on Thursday, May 24th.


Secondary School Finals Expectations

Core subjects - It is the expectation that every core class (math, science, social studies, and English) give an assessment during their designed time during finals week. Assessments may include a project, presentation, paper or exam.

Elective subjects -  A final assessment may be given at teacher discretion, but is not required of electives teachers to administer a final. Assessments may include a project, presentation, paper or exam.


Parent/Guardian tips for Finals Week

1. Be sure your student has a balance of studying and down time leading up to and during Finals Week

2. Help ensure your student is getting plenty of sleep each night

3. Help ensure your student eats a healthy, balanced breakfast each morning

4. Send a healthy snack that your student can eat between finals each morning

Student Progress Checks

As we head into the last month of the semester, please continue to check your student’s progress in Infinite Campus, monitoring how they are doing in each class. Please also talk with them about what they have left to encouraging them to finish the semester strong.

High School Summer Strength and Conditioning

Looking for a great way for your high school student to improve athletic performance or just  stay fit over the summer months? Stargate High School Summer Strength and Conditioning program is available to all Stargate High School athletes and students that are incoming freshmen through seniors during June and July.  The program is geared toward all aspects of athletic development to meet the needs of all our student-athletes. The goal of our Strength & Conditioning Program is to provide students and athletes the best opportunity to improve their athletic performance over the summer months. The cost of the full summer is $75 per athlete.  Training days will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, from 8:00am-9:30am. The $75 fee covers all 28 training sessions!

Sign up and schedule for High School Summer Strength and Conditioning.

Middle School Summer Fitness Fun

Interested in keeping your middle school student active over the summer? Stargate Middle School is offering a great opportunity to get incoming 6th, 7th or 8th grade students up and moving over the long summer months of June and July. This summer training program will provide students with the opportunity to improve their overall fitness level through a variety of workouts focused on speed, agility, muscular strength and endurance and much more. Students will be playing a variety of fun games and activities throughout their training sessions as well. The cost of all 28 sessions in June and July is $75 per student. Training days will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, from 9:00am-10:30am.  

Schedule Information

Sign up Form


Governance Board Election Ends TOMORROW

Voting for two open seats on the Stargate Board is open NOW through May 8 at 4 pm. You should have received a paper ballot either in a Monday Folder (K-5) or in the mail; some will have received an e-mail directly from Simply Voting with a link to their site. Voting is valid either way. If you cannot find your voting credentials, please contact the Election Committee at

Information on each candidate can be found on the Elections Page of the Stargate Website

Lost and Found

Please ask your student to check the lost and found in all buildings. Items left after May 24 will be donated to charity.


Congratulations to Shuya Edmans, a 7th grade student at Stargate, for winning the best Junior Classical performance at the 66th Annual Boulder Stars of Tomorrow Youth Talent Show.  She and her partner also won the Junior Ensemble first place at the 2018 Colorado Rising Stars Festival.

Congratulations to Akshat Jain, a 10th grade student at Stargate, for winning the state chess championship earlier this year. He will represent Colorado at the Denker National Tournament of High School Champions which will take place later this year in Madison, Wisconsin. This tournament is an invitation only tournament where the state champions of all fifty states participate for the title of champion of champions.

Thank you to all that have helped out with Adroit this year! From the time, money, and resources that have been donated this year, Adroit is becoming a wonderful program that allows students to think outside the box, design, and be creatively! You have made this iteration of Adroit better than ever before. Year, after year, let's continue to make Adroit even greater than the year prior. Adroit is place where students have a chance to learn, explore, and make something awesome. Let's continue to allow our students to have a place where they can look, listen, and learn about themselves and the world around them.

I can't wait to see what the future brings!

Keith Varel

Adroit is Life.
Life is Adroit.