Board Update: September / October 2018

posted Oct 5, 2018, 8:17 AM by Jane Baker


The Board met on September 19th for their regular business meeting. Below are the highlights of the meeting:

Operations Reports:

  • Lynne Allen, Director of Operations and Finance –  Ms. Allen provided an overview of the Q4, 5-year budget projections, an update on the corner development, and information about upcoming ballot measures; the Mill Levy Override and Amendment 73.  

  • Rob Cable, Secondary Principal and Missy Hischke, Elementary Principal - jointly reported on parent teacher conferences (Oct 10-12), the September 4 teacher in-service day, working on ALPs, the upcoming Harry Potter night, and the fall lock-out drill.  

  • Rob Cable, Secondary Principal  - reported on curriculum night and the Middle School overnights which were a great success.

  • Missy Hischke, Elementary Principal - reported on curriculum night and informed the Board that all math and literacy placements are complete.  She also informed the board of the upcoming talent show and 5th grade overnight to Timberline.  

OCR & Investigations Update:

  • Elizabeth Williams reviewed the OCR tracking chart and noted the items on which we are waiting for an OCR response and a review of the ten remaining outstanding items.  

The Board approved the following documents which are now available on the website at the links provided:

The Board approved the following documents related to staff and administrators:

  • Goals for Elementary Principal, Secondary Principal, and Director of Operations and Finance.

Additional detail on the above items will be available in the formal minutes which will be reviewed and approved at the next Board meeting.  Once approved, minutes are posted to the Governance Website HERE.


The Board held a working session on October 3 to review and discuss committee structure, best practices and code of conduct.  A Committee Handbook will be developed as a resource for all committees. The working session also included a discussion of the corner development project with Director of Operations and Finance, Lynne Allen.

The next Regular Board meeting will be held on October 17 at 6:00pm in the Performing Arts Auditorium.  

Proposed agenda items include:

  • AD12 renewal process update

  • Strategic Plan Update

  • Committee Updates from Fundraising Allocation Committee (FAC) and Bond Advisory Committee (BAC) final report

  • Proposed resolutions in support of Adams 12 Ballot Issue 5C and Amendment 73

  • Executive session for negotiations related to the corner development project as well as discussion of ongoing complaint investigations and remediation.