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Ms. Lamonski

About Me

This is my 8th year at Stargate! I live a very active and healthy lifestyle. Going to the gym to workout is like my second home, but I also love the outdoors. Snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking, snowshoeing, running and soccer are just a few of my favorite things!       

What I Love about Teaching
Teaching PE is my passion for so many reasons! I love teaching students about the amazing human body and how it works. I enjoy making an impression upon them regarding the types of foods they put into their bodies. More than anything, I truly enjoy getting students excited to exercise! Exercise doesn't have to be a chore. It should be fun!

PE is a time and place to not only learn to move, play and be healthy, but it is also an opportunity to learn about each other's unique strengths and even our weaknesses. Making mistakes in PE is a must because without taking risks and making mistakes, learning will never happen! Accepting every individual's strengths and weaknesses is something we strive for each and everyday. Compassion, encouragement, perseverance, teamwork and sportsmanship are just some of the words we live by in PE. I love teaching because I have a unique opportunity to teach students about lifelong health and along the way impress upon them just how important it is to take care of each other.

How to Contact Me
Room - Gym 301
Phone - 303-450-3936 ext.301
email - miranda.lamonski@stargateschool.org

About Elementary P.E.
Students K-5 will have the opportunity to explore many movement opportunities during PE class. Skills such as the overhand throw, basketball shot and soccer dribbling will be learned using cues for proper skill development. Students will also have a chance to work as a team in fun games that have not only a fitness component but also a skill specific goal. One of our newest additions to PE is educational gymnastics where students have the chance to balance, tumble and even vault. 

As students move toward secondary school, they will begin to use the skills they have developed over the first 5 years of PE to play in several team sports as well as other team building activities and games. The sports we practice and play include flag football, basketball, soccer, team handball, badminton, volleyball, floor hockey. Please note that not all of these sports are played during each trimester. They are dependent upon the season and available space. 

I will be creating creating blogs to update you on activities and events.  All events at Stargate will be posted on the Sports Calendar (shown here).  Directions to events are found on the Athletics page and all release forms needed for sporting events are found on the Athletics page as well.

I keep all grades on Infinite Campus which you can access from the menu. 
Grades in PE will look a little different this year. The goal is to communicate exactly what each student knows and is able to do towards each state standard.
In grades K-4, students will be receiving grades in two categories: Assessments and Decision Making. In grades 5-8, there are three categories: Assessments, Decision Making and In-Class Assignments. Under each category will be assignments that reflect what a student knows toward one or more of the Colorado State Physical Education Standards.
The four standards are:
1. Movement Competence and Understanding
2. Physical and Personal Wellness
3. Emotional and Social Wellness
4. Prevention and Risk Management
Often times students will be assessed on a skill that is pertinent to a specific sport or movement concept such as the in-step pass in soccer, basketball dribble or a locomotor such as galloping. When students are graded on a skill, there will be a rubric which indicates where a student is in regards to development of the skill. This is a 4 point scale. A 4 indicates that a student has mastered the skill/standard. They are able to perform the skill with little mistakes and understand all indicators needed to perform the skill. A score of 3 indicates that the student is approaching the skill/standard. They are able to perform most of the indicators needed to execute the skill properly. They may often make mistakes in execution or are not completely fluid in performance. A score of 2 simply means that the student is making effort to learn the skill and needs further practice/help to be able to reach mastery. A score of 1 tells that the student is not putting forth any effort in learning the skill.
The percentage break down of this scale is a follows. 4= 100% 3=83%   2=65%   1= 50%

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