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Mr. Varel

                                 Mr. Varel and his wife atop Mt. Evans.                                 Mr. Varel and friends motorcycle                    Mr. Varel as FRANZ for a school pep rally!
                                                                                                                                   riding over Independence Pass.

About Mr. Varel
My name is Keith Varel and I am excited to be teaching Adroit this year in the MS and HS! This is my 5th year at Stargate, but my 10th year of teaching overall. After five years of teaching in Illinois, my wife and I moved to Colorado in 2013 and have fell in love with this beautiful state. In my spare time I love to camp, fish, hunt, hike, exercise, play sports or anything else that allows me to be in the fresh outdoors! I am very excited to start another school year at Stargate and continue to proclaim the STARGATE WAY!

I love teaching in general because I love to challenge my students and myself everyday.  After nearly a decade of using a hands-on, minds-on approach in the elementary classroom setting, I am taking the "Design Thinking" mindset to the next level, ADROIT! As we as a community embrace "Design Thinking", I truly believe that we can create a generation of students that know how to find and approach problems with curiosity, take ownership for finding creative solutions, and have the resilience and grit to persist when things do not go as planned. Adroit is the perfect platform to accomplish this goal!

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How to Contact Me
Room - 138 Adroit Lab
Phone - 303-450-3936
email -


I keep all grades on Infinite Campus which you can access from the menu.  

 What is happening this week in Adroit?

This week in Adroit we are focusing on the EMPATHIZE, DEFINE, AND IDEATE mindsets of design thinking. Students are telling stories and being interviewed about a time in their life when they felt PROUD of something that they accomplished. The interviewer then will use tools and wire to create a word, phrase, or symbol to represent the moment in the interviewee's life. They will brainstorm, design, and construct this gift using pliers and 20 gauge wire and other supplies around class. Students will then present the gift to their partner and describe to them why they designed it the way they did and how it represents the interviewee's story. The goal of this project is to empathize with each other and utilize tools that we normally might not use on a day to day basis.

Mr. V

                            Adroit is Life.
                                Life is Adroit.