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Mr. Spletzer

About Me
My name is Jeff Spletzer but my students call me Coach Spletzer.  I teach physical education, health, and will be the strength and conditioning coach for high school.  Before I found my home at Stargate, I taught at Northglenn Middle, Horizon High, Prairie View High, and Prairie View Middle .  During my 10 years as an educator of health and fitness, I have seen the wellness of many students improve as a direct result of quality physical education.  This does not mean that my mission to get all students physically fit for a lifetime is accomplished.   I see many students who enjoy being active and strive to be fit, but just lack the basic knowledge to do so.   Currently there are over 60 million U.S. kids who are overweight or obese.  The vast majority of kids who enter high school overweight or obese will remain that way for life.  This is why it is important to give kids the tools to be successful at a young age.  Humans are creatures of habit.  The habits we make in elementary and middle school will likely become lifelong habits.    It is critical to give kids a quality physical education from day one.
Mr. and Mrs. spletzer enjoying        Mr. Spletzer after a football game for the Colorado Ice
a summer wedding!                           and training for the UNC football team

What I Love about Teaching
I love to teach students how to become healthy and fit for a lifetime.  I enjoy providing students the skills to enhance their personal fitness.  My educational focus is on nutrition, fitness,  training, and general wellness as a supplemental tool to encourage overall health.   


How to Contact Me
Room - Field House Gym
Phone - [phone]
email - 

I keep all grades on Infinite Campus 

Skills & Written (Practice & Process)

·         Written:             Tests or written assignments                                                        10% of grade   

Daily Participation (Assessment)                                                                               90% of grade

·         Standard 1

Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.  (Skills performance, skills testing)

·         Standard 2

Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities. (Game play, following rules of game, following instructions)

·         Standard 3

Participates regularly in physical activity. (Daily participation)

·         Standard 4

Achieves and maintains a health enhancing level of physical fitness. (Effort)

·         Standard 5

  Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in        

   physical activity settings. (Safety, correct shoes, no gum/ jewelry,   behavior, dressing out daily)

·         Standard 6   

Values physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self expression, and/or social interaction.       (Positive attitude, sportsmanship)     

Other important information:

Students are responsible for buying a Stargate PE shirt at the cost of $7.00

Students may wear any appropriate shorts or sweat pants 

Students are responsible for providing a combination lock for their PE locker 

Grading Scale

Grading Category

Grade Percentages/Weights


90 - 100

Summative Assessments & Projects



80 - 89

Formative Assignments, Assessments & Projects



70 - 79


60 - 69

*Weekly progress grades are posted at .


59 or below

General Expectations

  • Summative: 80%  Summative measures of achievement are taken when unit mastery is expected. (i.e., tests, projects, presentations, formal written papers, etc.)

  • Formative: 20%  Formative assessments measures the scaffolding skills and/or content embedded in the unit.  Formative assessments are taken frequently, after a student has practiced a skill or become familiar with content.  Examples of formative assessments include but are not limited to warm-ups, exit tickets, informal writing, homework, quizzes, stages in a large project, etc.

  • Project assessments will be graded based on rubrics.

  • On group projects, students will receive a grade for individual work in addition to a possible group grade.

  • Grades are based on achievement of Content Standards and Grade Level Expectations.

Student Expectations

Assessment Policy

Students will be informed as to the due dates for all formative and summative assessments.  Students are expected to be present and prepared to complete or submit their assessment on the assigned date.


Homework is a meaningful tool used to reinforce class concepts and skills.  Superintendent Policy 6280 will be followed for this course.

Late Work Policy

All completed work is to be turned in the day it is due unless otherwise directed.  Any work not turned in the class period it is due is considered late.  Late work can be turned in for a 30% penalty before the unit assessment is given.  

Absence Policy

Students are expected to make up any work missed because of any absence.  Students are responsible to request the make-up assignment(s).  Students will have the number of days absent plus one additional day to make up missed work for an absence.  However, long-term assignments (one week or more from the assignment date to the due date) are due on the stated due date or immediately upon the student’s return to school, regardless of the absence and are not accorded extra days upon return to school.  Long-term illnesses will be dealt with on an individual basis.  Superintendent Policies 6281 will be followed for this course.

Tardy Policy

Students are expected to be on time to every class.  Beginning each semester, if tardy:

3rd Tardy:               verbal warning by teacher

4th & 5th Tardy:      verbal warning by teacher, teacher will communicate to parent/guardian

6th Tardy:                teacher discretion may be used for consequences. A student may be referred           

                               to the Administration Office for defiance of authority.

Student Integrity

Students conduct themselves with integrity in all regards.  Students commit to presenting their own work, writing, words, and ideas at all times, unless otherwise attributed.  In addition, students do not copy, use communication devices during tests, post assessments for public access, falsely identify themselves, or use inappropriate materials.

Plagiarism/Cheating Policy

Plagiarism means to present, as one’s own, the work, writing, words, ideas, or computer information of someone else.  (Sources could be published or unpublished.)  Cheating is supplying, receiving or using devices.  (Examples: looking at or using someone else’s work, using crib notes/stolen notes, or using disallowed equipment, etc.)
Consequences for plagiarism and cheating (covers all classes and all four years of high school):

1st offense – Must redo/retake with a 50% penalty, teacher calls home and referral

2nd offense – 0 on the assignment, parent/teacher conference, referral

3rd offense – 0 on the assignment, 1 day suspension,  parent/teacher conference, referral

4th offense – 0 on the assignment, 3-5 day suspension,  parent/teacher conference, referral