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Mr. Mikow

About Me

I have been teaching high school since 2002 and have been at Stargate since 2015. I currently teach Pre-AP Calculus (Precalculus Honors), AP Calculus AB, and AP Calculus BC. In the past, I have taught all high school maths. I also received the Certificate of Excellence for my scores on the Praxis Math Exam.

In being hired at Stargate, my goal was (and still is) to develop the best AP Calculus program possible. With this in mind, I began learning full stack website development last summer and recently created a web app where students can study questions modeled after the multiple choice section of the AP Calculus BC exam. The app is called "Calculus Conqueror," is currently in its early stages of development, and is usable:

In addition to mathematics, I have other interests, including music (I play trumpet, flugelhorn and guitar, and have authored the book Build Your Chops! Technical Studies for Jazz Improvisation).

I obtained my BA in Classics (Ancient Greek and Latin Languages) from the University of Colorado and also took a plethora of hours in mathematics at Colorado School of Mines and CU Boulder.

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