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Madame Mansure-Bonjour et Bienvenue en classe francais!

Why Study a World Language?

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About me...Kristen Mansure

    My love of French and travel began in middle school.  I studied French, Spanish and German in 7th grade in my hometown of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.  At the end of 7th grade we selected a world language to continue our studies in 8th grade.  I chose French!  I loved the sound of it, the food and all things French.  When I was 15 years old we hosted a French student for the summer.  Her name is Berengere, and we are still friends to this day, 30 years later!  The next summer, when I was 16, I was invited to spend the summer with Berengere's family and I was fortunate enough to travel to Paris, St. Paul de Vence, Nice, Monaco, Monte Carlo and also spend a month in their summer home in Popian, France.  It was this wonderful trip, where I learned how to be independent, I improved my language skills, learned about a wonderful culture and felt truly part of a French family. 

    When I returned home I continued my high school studies and as a senior, I participated in a formal French exchange program with my high school. About 12 of us travelled to Paris for two weeks, and a month later, our host students came to our high school for two weeks.  It was very interesting to see what high school in Paris was like, and to stay with a local family.  After high school graduation, I was determined to find a university which had a study abroad program in France and I already knew I was going to be a French major.  I attended the University of Richmond, in Richmond, Virginia and graduated with a dual major in French and International Studies in 1992.  I spent a semester in Paris my junior year and traveled to many the major, beautiful cities of Europe: Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Barcelona, Budapest, Rome, Florence, the Amalfi Coast.  This experience changed my life.

    Following university graduation I worked for a French beauty care company, Yves Rocher, for five years where I put my language skills to great use. I called factories in France every day, to follow up on orders of Yves Rocher beauty products.  I traveled to Montreal, Canada, London, England, Stuttgart, Germany, Paris, France for Yves Rocher and enjoyed the excitement of working for an international company.

    Owning my own educational student travel company from 2008-2013, I fell in love with traveling with students and creating for them the kind of transformational educational travel experiences I had growing up.  I traveled with students domestically for several years and it re-affirmed for me the power of taking the learning out of the classroom.  I earned my teaching license at University of Colorado-Boulder and I am honored to have the opportunity to teach French to our students at Stargate School and spark their curiosity about French and also create a platform on which they will become engaged, global citizens.

    I also enjoy running for health and wellness, cooking, traveling, hiking and spending time with my family. I love dogs, too, and I have a yellow lab, named Gracie and a little mutt, named Rigby.  They are incredibly entertaining! 


   I love to run!!!                Rigby & Gracie                             This is me and Tom Cruise at the
                                                                                         Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in Washington, D.C.

What I Love about Teaching

    Teaching provides me an opportunity to share with students my passion for French and show students what it means to be part of a greater, global community.  They learn how different life can be in another country, yet, how similar we all are, at the same time.  Learning a world language and traveling is a transformational experience that develops powerful personal attributes which serve students well, throughout their entire life.  Students show increased empathy, curiosity, autonomy, independence, compassion, and kindness when they have the opportunity to take their language skills out into the world. 
    As a world language teacher, my goal is to make French class a fun place where learning is enjoyable and students feel authentically themselves and can reach new heights.  I also want to equip them with practical language skills which will enhance their life and open up doors to exciting international experiences.  Learning French also helps students expand their understanding of their own language through enhanced analysis, and stimulates interesting discussions of cultural and linguistic comparisons: providing unique opportunities to reflect upon their own local culture.

    Students will learn French through a variety of methods, incorporating world language standards and gifted best practices including games, partner practice, group projects, songs, storytelling and interpersonal exchanges.  My students can look forward to a year of fun and thoughtful learning in French class. 

How to Contact Me
Room -232 (South Wing, Second Floor, High School Building)
Phone -(303) 450-3936 
email -

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I keep all grades on Infinite Campus which you can access from the menu.  All other information is on my Google Classroom page. 

Other important information:
         I am available to meet during 2nd period by appointment or after school by appointment.