Mr. Howe - Technology Teacher

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 for information regarding classes, including course syllabi and assignment calendars.

About Me
I've been teaching for more than twenty years in public, private, and international schools and am in my fifth year at Stargate. Some of my career highlights include serving as a founding member of two new schools, a Department Chair and a Building Technology Coordinator. I also taught computer applications as a corporate trainer.

I originally moved to Colorado in 1980 after living abroad and later earned a B.A. in International Affairs from the University of Colorado at Boulder. While participating in a study abroad program at a German university I decided to pursue a career in education and returned to Colorado to earn my certification. I have endorsements in both Instructional Technology and Secondary Social Studies Education.

What I Love about Teaching
Learning is a lifelong journey and I am fortunate to be able to help students in their own journeys at such an important time in their lives.

How to Contact Me
Phone:    303-450-3936

Teacher Website and Class Information:

Please visit my teacher website for information regarding classes, including course syllabi and assignment calendars.

All grades will be kept in Infinite Campus and updated regularly. 

Two quotes that I feel are very pertinent...

"Everything we have, all our great institutions, hospitals, universities, libraries, this city, our laws, our music, art, poetry, our freedoms, everything is because somebody went before us and did the hard work. Indifference to history isn’t just ignorant, it’s rude. It’s a form of ingratitude"
    -- David McCullough, American Historian

"Technology isn’t an option that schools may or may not choose for their kids. Technological competency is a requirement for entry into the global economy — and the faster we embrace it, the more we maintain and secure our economic leadership in the 21st century... "
    -- Education Secretary Arne Duncan