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Señora Claeys

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!  Welcome to Spanish Class!
About Me
This is my 41st year of teaching and my 9th year here at Stargate. I teach Spanish A, B and C at the middle school level.   I received my B.A. in Spanish and Middle School Education with minors in reading, French and German from the University of Northern Colorado.  I received my M.A. in Liberal Studies at the University of Denver.   I have taught at the college, high school, middle school, 5th grade and kindergarten levels.   I came to Stargate after teaching Spanish, French and German Levels 1-2 in Brush, CO and exploratory and first year levels of Spanish, German and French in Aurora Public Schools .   I was a product of APS and was excited to be a member of that team.   I retired from APS in 2008 after 31 years of teaching full time, and took a part time job at a K-8 school in Aurora.  After extensive district cutbacks, the program was cut.  I found myself with a lot of time on my hands and felt I had so much more to offer kids.   I decided to apply for the job at Stargate.   This was the best career decision I have ever made.  I love our gifted and talented kids.

What I Love about Teaching
I always knew I was going to be a teacher.  My father taught in APS for thirty years, and I was his backup bulletin board creator, paper grader, and guinea pig for new ideas.  I started my career in Ault, Colorado; moved to Brush, Colorado to teach High School German and Spanish.  I implemented a French program at the as well and taught there for 6 years. I also taught Spanish at Morgan Community College in Ft. Morgan.   I was offered a job in Aurora not far from where I grew up.  I taught many of my classmates' offspring as well as my own nephew.   Sharing my love of language with young people is a dream come true.  Being at Stargate is the icing on the cake.  I love how far these kids can go with their talents and usage of Spanish.  They have amused, amazed and forced me to find the creative side of myself.  I could never have imagined ending my career on such a positive note.

How to Contact Me
Room - 229
Phone - 303-450-3936
Hours - 7:15-12:00 - I am part time and teach 6th-8th.  My schedule varies from day to day..
email -  or
Google Classroom - Make sure students check their email frequently and accept the invitation to Google Classroom.

Class Information - Google Calendar Assignment Due Dates

  • 1 11/2 " spiral
  • 2 dry erase markers
Donations of these items would be greatly appreciated:

1 pack of pencils
pack of paper
glue sticks
construction paper

Class Expectations:

Class expectations

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What do I need? / What will I learn?:

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I keep all grades on Infinite Campus which you can access from the menu.  All other information is on my website (look for the ** items).  I have moved to a 1-4 grading system, 1 showing some knowledge to a 4 showing mastery of the vocabulary.

* Homework * * Homework * * Homework * * Homework * * Homework * * Homework * * Homework * * Homework *:

Spanish is an academic class.  There will be homework most nights as this contributes to the acquisition of vocabulary.  Students need to sign into Google Classsroom to get assignments.
Most ssignments are made in Google Classroom.  I will try to list homework due each week in a separate category in Classroom.

Students need to tell how they practice their vocabulary.  They must send me a comment that contains this information and explain any problems they might have had.  I will then send a confirmation message.

We will be using Duolingo , Sr. Wooley and the online textbook for Realidades

Fluency – Will my child be fluent at the end of 8th or 9th grade?

When learning our first language, we become what we would call fluent at about 5 years old. If you are awake 14 hours a day, 365 days a year, for 5 years, that is over 25,000 hours of listening, speaking, experiencing that language in every imaginable context. Our students get 39 hours a year at best. At the end of their time in our K-8 school, if they are NEVER absent, NEVER have a snow day, NEVER have a field trip or assembly that interrupts Spanish, then they will have 312 hours. That is the rough equivalent of less than a month in their first language. Considering that reality is it not truly astounding what they can say and do in the target language? I am so impressed with my students every day when I think of this.

This is why practice at home can be so beneficial to all students of Spanish.

The lessons we cover (in the form of Power points, flashcards, and on-line games); homework; classwork and stories will be posted below by chapter or on my personal website:   Link to ACTFL CAN DO STATEMENTS BENCHMARK CHECKLIST-

Here is a link to my webpage with lots of ideas for practice:

taxonomias-de-bloom-verbos-infografia.jpg 620×1,674 píxeles

Inteligencias múltiples (Multiple Intelligences visual in Spanish by Marek Bennett)

Here is a link to electronic flashcards, games, etc. by Chapter:

  • Helpful Vocabulary for Classroom Interaction – Commands, Asking for Help, Requests and Question Words

  • Here is a link to my webpage for language learning strategies:

    Here is a Prezi showing strategies to learn a second language: 

    They should be working on the speaking, vocabulary tasks, reading, culture, grammar and writing assignments in the homework/proficiency packet they receive for each chapter.  If they cannot complete them in class, they will have to do the work at home.
    Here is how to access the on-line textbook Realidades 1
    Open Internet explorer (It has to be Internet Explorer)
    Click on check settings and change settings
    username:  firstname.lastname (in most cases)
    firstname.middleinitial.last name (other cases)
    password:  espanol1 (make sure it is the number one at the end)
    click on enter
    click on etext – Realidades 1 (upper right hand corner)
    scroll down to REALIDADES 1 ©2011 (listed)
    scroll to page you want on the left
    click on switch to audio mode in right side of toolbar
    scroll to page you want on the left
    click on switch to audio mode in right side of toolbar

    Realidades Textbook Resources


    Guided Practice Workbook and Paper Flashcards

    Grammar powerpoints