Staff Development

Stargate School values ongoing Staff Development and demonstrates their commitment to building teacher skills through two primary avenues: the Stargate Induction Program and ongoing Staff Development. Each of these programs are described in more detail below.

Stargate’s Induction Program 2017-2018:

In April 2014, Stargate School was granted the ability to create and administer our own Teacher Induction Program by the Colorado Department of Education. To kick off this school year the professional development team created and implemented our 4th New Teacher Academy, incorporating the school wide theme “Rise as ONE”.  Over these two engaging days new-to-Stargate teachers, counselors and special service providers collaborated with each other and their mentors, while participating in teacher and administrative led sessions on topics such as gifted best practices, Stargate’s instructional plan, and induction program expectations.  


Over the course of this school year, 12 new certified staff members (teachers, counselors, and special service providers) will complete either the Phase 1 or the Phase 2 Induction Program that is essential to earning their professional license.  Another 12 new certified Stargate staff members, who already have their professional license, are also an important part of induction program, while they learn the essential aspects of The Stargate Way.  These 24 new staff members are paired up with a veteran staff member as their mentor.  This gives us a grand total of 48 staff members on Stargate’s 2017-2018 Induction Team. Go team!    

Guiding quote for Stargate Induction 2017-2018: “Success is not created by ONE person but by a team that comes together as ONE.” ~Jillian Farrar

Inaugural Induction Class of 2014

Induction Class of 2015

Induction, 2016-2017

Induction, 2017-18

Professional Development:

Stargate is mindful of planning WOW (Working on Wednesday) programming to build teacher capacity, as well as full Staff Development days. The agendas for training are developed over time, and are based on teacher feedback, staff responses to Culture and Climate Surveys from the previous school year, and importantly, the Colorado Educator Effectiveness Rubrics. Workshops are designed to purposefully assist teachers as they move along the continuum through proficiency levels on their way to becoming exemplary educators.

Stargate supports professional development outside of the building, as well. When a staff member attends an outside event, it is expected that he/she comes back to the staff and share new knowledge through a PD workshop. One of our goals this year is to post full-day Staff Development agendas, so that we are transparent in sharing with our community the learning that is taking place with our teachers on days that students are not in session.

Stargate’s PD Team Members:

Erin Blackmon is currently the Induction Coordinator at Stargate School.  She has earned a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction, a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies, as well as a gifted endorsement.  She has 14 years of teaching experience, 12 of those at Stargate with 1st and 2nd graders.  

Erin is also Stargate School’s Gifted and Talented Coordinator.  She works closely with the district, while assisting our teachers in the creation and implementation of advanced learning plans for the majority of our students, K-12.   

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