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Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus is a website hosted and managed by the Adams 12 Five Star Schools District. Infinite Campus is the location for all student grades and other confidential information.

Parent and Student IC Portal

To access the Infinite Campus Portal, please click on the link below:

    Link to Infinite Campus Portal

Note that there is also a free mobile application for iPhones and Android devices that you can download from their respective online storesWhen you download the app it asks for district and you just type: Adams 12 and State: CO

Instructions on how to set up your Infinite Campus (IC) Parent Portal

  1. Go to

  2. Click on “need an account”.

  3. Fill out the parent sign up form using your child’s student ID # and your email. Contact if you need your student's ID number

  4. Follow steps from there.

Middle and High School Student IC Portal

Middle and High School students will have their own login to their IC account. The user name will always be the student’s ID # and the default password will be the student’s student ID number and birth date in 6 digits in this format: 2 digits for the month, 2 digits for the day, and 2 digits for the year (i.e. 3049888120301). The default password will be 12-13 numbers. Students will be required to change the default password once they log in.

*For password resets,
student ID numbers, or general Infinite Campus questions, please contact

Please keep your phone number, address and email address up to date.

Student Pick Up Authorization Form

If someone other than the parent/guardian will be authorized to pick up the student during the school day, a Student Pick up Authorization Form must be filled out and turned in during Registration. This form must be completed/renewed every school year. It can be updated at any time during the school year and submitted to the front desk.

Infinite Campus Emergency Contacts

Names and phone numbers under Emergency contacts are people who will be contacted in case of an emergency if the parents/guardians cannot be reached.  The Emergency Contacts are not authorized to pick up students from school during the school day. Emergency contact information can be changed using the Household Change Form. Please submit the Household Change Form to the front desk.

Updating Parent/Guardian Phone Numbers and Email Addresses

  • Parent/Guardian phone numbers-these can be corrected directly on Infinite Campus by the parent/guardian using the "Family Members" button on the left side.
  • Parent/Guardian email addresses- ALL school communications are sent through THESE email addresses.  These can be corrected directly on Infinite Campus using the "Family Members" button on the left side.

Infinite Campus Addresses Changes

Complete the Adams 12 Household Change Form-Please bring the completed form to the Secondary Front Office along with Proofs of Residency(see below).

If You Own a Home-ONE of the following (only originals will be accepted)

  • Warranty Deed, Deed of Trust, or Bill of Sale
  • Current utility bill (i.e. Xcel Energy, water, cable, trash) - Your name and address must be clearly marked (both portions of a bill are required, property/service address must match mailing address) Disconnect notices are not acceptable forms of proof of residence.
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Homeowner’s insurance or property tax bill for current year (property/service address must match mailing address) -- Adams or Broomfield county
  • Provisional Proof of Residence: Purchase contract with possession date or closing date not more than 90 days out.  (If a purchase contract is provided, proof that the purchase was completed must be provided within 90 days of the start of school, or within 90 days of when the parent wants the student to start at the new school.) 

If You Rent-ONE of the following (only originals will be accepted)

  • Current Signed Lease or Rental Agreement
  • Lease agreement with possession date not more than 60 days out  
  • Current utility bill (i.e. Xcel Energy, water, cable, trash)-- your name and address must be clearly marked (both portions of a bill are required, property/service address must match mailing address) – last or current month; disconnect notices are not accepted
  • Renter’s insurance

If You Are Living With Another Family-ALL of the following are required:

  • Declaration of Residence must be completed and signed by the owner/renter of the residence with whom you live stating the length of time you will be staying in the presence of school or district personnel. 
  • One proof of address from the owner/renter of the residence. (See required documents above)
  • Current proof of your residence at that address mailed to the home (i.e. bank statement, insurance statement, new Colorado drivers license receipt, US Postal Service official address change form, bills received including cell phone, etc. with your name and address clearly listed)