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We have a number of methods for helping our community performing electronic transactions online. Because some solutions require specialized shopping carts, we have different partners that help us meet the unique needs of Stargate while still trying to make it easy on our community for online shopping. Below you will find links and directions on purchasing and supporting Stargate Online:

Lunch is so important, it has its own page. Go to the Lunch link on the left (or click here) to learn about the lunch program and how to pay online.

Kindergarten Tuition
Stargate offers a fee-based full day Kindergarten program. The program features individual work and group projects based on curriculum specifically designed for the Stargate student. Paid monthly, tuition is for full time (5 days per week).

To pay for Kindergarten Tuition, please go to our shopping cart (hosted by 3DCart) at the link below.

Eagles Landing
Eagle's Landing is the before and after school enrichment program at Stargate School.

To pay for Eagles Landing Tuition, please go to our shopping cart (hosted by 3DCart) at the link below.

Stargate Fundraising Campaigns
We have numerous fundraising campaigns throughout the year. They include the Annual Campaign and the Gala (just to start).

Annual Campaign: Don't forget to give your donation for the Annual Campaign. This is the one fundraiser of the year where 100% of your donation goes directly to the school. We'd like to use the money from our fundraisers this year to help with technology in classrooms, student enrichment, and exploring possibilities like replacing the soccer field and installing solar panels. All of our goals are dependent on how much we raise this year so anything you can give to help is appreciated. Remember that your donations are tax deductible and don't forget to ask your employer if they'll match your donation to double the value to Stargate.

If you would like to donate to the Annual Campaign, visit the Donate Now page to make a secure, online gift. You can also utilize our shopping cart (hosted by 3DCart) at the link below.

Fundraising Gala: The fundraising Gala is one of the most enjoyable and significant events for fundraising at Stargate.

Stargate Shopping Cart (hosted by 3DCart)

To purchase Tuition for Kindergarten or Eagle's Landing or to make a contribution, please use our shopping cart by clicking here: