Turf Fields - Work Completed Spring 2017

Work on the turf fields has been completed!

The original athletic field plan called for the installation of one new field surface and one used surface which was donated by CU. The advantage of using the donated material was to reduce installation cost. Additionally, it was expected that planned replacement intervals could then be staggered by several years to avoid the large expense of replacing both fields at the same time.
New Turf Fields Facing NE
After beginning installation of the second turf field the contractor immediately notified Stargate that the donated turf material was not in good enough condition to be installed and still meet quality standards. The contractor then made an offer to provide new material at roughly half of the full cost in light of their inventory and the in-progress state of the Stargate project. Because of the availability of funding from the Adams 12 Capital Improvement Bond Stargate was able to take advantage of this generous offer and secure a second new turf filed surface for our student athletes!

Substituting new turf for the donated used material should deliver additional value to Stargate. As noted, Stargate was able to purchase the new replacement material at a large savings. Although budget planning will now need to reserve funding for replacing both fields at once there is sufficient time to do so. The lifecycle for this field surface material is typically 10 years but, given the expected use our fields will see, we estimate our replacement cycle will be closer to 15 years. Therefore, this change will allow Stargate to delay replacement labor expenses and possibly realize a labor savings when both fields are replaced concurrently.
New track and filed surfaces seen facing East

At the left, facing NE, we can see our new artificial turf fields fully installed. The field lines for the first field are completed and the movable soccer goals are in place. Striping for the second field should be complete before classes start for the '17-'18 academic year.

Also visible is the practice track encircling the fields. The track is graded, smoothed, and finished in crusher fines. Due to the design of the fields, the track could not be made in compliance with track and field regulations, the distance is non-standard and the corners are simple rounded 90° turns. The track will, however, serve as a great practice area and conditioning feature for use by all of Stargate's athletic programs and students.