Stargate Performing Arts and Adroit Space

Work In Progress

Construction of the addition to the Field House is in full swing! The grading has been done, foundations are poured and the outer walls are now in place.

Please continue to be respectful of the fences, cones, and tape barriers around the construction area. They are there to help ensure your safety and to make sure the required space is available for deliveries of materials.

Project Concept

Performing Arts Front SE Angle

The project to build a new performing arts theater space and new workshop and classroom space for the Adroit program is currently underway. The new building space will be added to the North side of the Field House. The Performing Arts center will have a west facing entrance in the current north parking area. The Adroit classroom spaces will have entrances at the east side of the building.
Adroit addition front NW angle.

Technical and construction drawings have been completed and submitted to the state for permitting. Crews should break ground on the Performing Arts & Adroit Center in August 2017.

SPAA concept drawing

The general plans call for the performing arts space to feature a state of the art stage with a scenery workshop area and standard theatre lighting systems. The hall will feature storable seating similar to what is installed in the elementary building, but featuring more comfortable materials. The performing arts space was designed with the input of an acoustical architect to help attain the best acoustics possible.

Concept CAD of Performing Arts space interior

The Adroit space will feature a workshop area suitable for large projects and machine tools for wood and metal working. Additionally, the Adroit space will include two multi-purpose classrooms similar to the current Adroit spaces and one classroom that will be outfitted with appliances and equipment for domestic economics classes.

Click through the slide presentation below to view artist concepts/drawings for the new Stargate Performing Arts and Adroit space. These are preliminary architectural concepts but should be very close to the finished project.

Adams12_Bond_Improvement Projects.pptx

Project Progress

In late December the caulking in the outer walls was removed and replaced with mineral wool and fire-rated caulking to achieve the required fire rating between the Field House and the new addition.The red color of the new material will be painted to match the building.

Beginning immediately after Christmas, the precast concrete walls for the structure were delivered and installed. Here the east walls are seen with the crane used to hoist and install them.