Open Space Projects

Plans are underway for a 200-yard Nature Trail along the east side of the campus, featuring exercise stations, art installations and fruit trees. In addition, amenities such as benches, picnic tables and bike racks will be added throughout the campus. Please check back on this page for more information as these plans are finalized and this project begins!

Work on the nature trail and campus amenities is funded by a $137,500 Adams County Open Space Grant.

The grant request was submitted by the Stargate Grant Committee. For more information about work the Grant Committee is doing or to volunteer with the group, email

Additional Opportunities - Seeking Funding for Greenhouse 

In Stargate's application for the Adams County Open Space Grant, we requested additional money for a Greenhouse that was not funded. However, this Greenhouse is still a major part of the Open Space Project, and the Grant Committee will continue to seek sources of funds to bring a Greenhouse to the Stargate campus.

If you would like to help find funding for the Greenhouse project, email 

Picture Stargate's Open Space With... 

These are photos used in the grant application to help visualize improvements planned for Stargate. Actual amenities will look different when complete.

Presentation to Adams County Open Space Advisory Board

Click on the slideshow above to open Stargate's presentation to the Adams County Open Space Advisory Board. The Greenhouse featured in the slides is not currently funded. Stargate is continuing to seek grants for the Greenhouse project.