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Back To School Information 2019-2020 School Year

Online Registration for 2019-2020 School Year

Please follow the steps below to complete your student’s online registration.

STEP ONE: Complete online forms on Schoolmint
Please log into your Schoolmint account https://stargate.schoolmint.net/signin to complete online registration forms by August 1. Please click on "Re-enroll student" to complete. (DO NOT click "add returning student") You do not need an access code to re-enroll. If you are new to Stargate, please skip this step as you have already completed these forms after you accepted your seat offer.

STEP TWO:  Pay Student Fees on payforit.net
If you have a payforit.net account, log in and pay for your 2019-2020 fees. If you do not have a payforit.net account, create an account on www.payforit.net to pay for your student fees prior to registration.  All fees except for the overnight field trips and AP Exam fees must be paid prior to the first day of school, August 14. Overnight Field Trip fees for grades 5-8 are all due by September 1 . If you are having difficulties setting up your account, please contact payforit at 800-572-6642.

STEP THREE: Confirm Contact Information in Infinite Campus
Log in to your Infinite Campus account https://ic.adams12.org/campus/portal/adams12.jsp  If you do not have an Infinite Campus account, you will need to create one.  Information can be found on our Infinite Campus Webpage: http://community.stargateschool.org/parent-resources/infcampus.  Please check the following to make sure the information is correct:
  1. Parent/Guardian phone numbers-these can be corrected directly on Infinite Campus by the parent/guardian using the "Family Members" button on the left side.
  2. Parent/Guardian email addresses- ALL school communications are sent through THESE email addresses.  These can be corrected directly on Infinite Campus using the "Family Members" button on the left side.
  3. Parent/Guardian Address(es)- All address changes require the completion of the Adams12 Household change form along with one proof of residency with the new address. More Information can be found on the Stargate Infinite Campus webpage http://community.stargateschool.org/parent-resources/infcampus
  4. Emergency Contacts-Please check names and phone numbers. The people listed will be contacted in an emergency if the parents/guardians cannot be reached.  These people are NOT authorized to pick up your student from school during the school day. Emergency contact information can be changed using the Household Change Form
  5. Student Pick up Authorization-If someone other than the parent/guardian will be authorized to pick up the student during the school day, a Student Pick up Authorization Form must be filled out and turned in during Registration. This form must be completed/renewed every school year. The Student Pick up Authorization form can be found on the Infinite Campus Webpage. http://community.stargateschool.org/parent-resources/infcampus

Registration Support -August 5 and 6, 9am-3pm Secondary Building ONLY (K-5 building will be closed)

It is not necessary to come to Stargate in person for Registration unless you need to check in medication, turn in IC update forms or updated immunizations/physical forms. All registration forms are done online through Schoolmint and all fees are paid online through payforit.net. Pictures will NOT be taken until after school starts. If you have questions, please email registration@stargateschool.org

Staff is available in the Secondary Front Office August 5 and 6 9am-3pm to help with the following:
  • payforit.net to pay your fees
  • Schoolmint to complete your online forms
  • turn in Infinite Campus Household Change Form(s), Student Pick-up Authorization Form, or need help updating your Infinite Campus contact information.
  • setting up lunch accounts or ordering lunches
  • medication check in with Health Aides
  • updated immunization forms turn in
  • physical forms for Middle School and High School sports
  • any questions you may have about Stargate!

Elementary Back to School Night  (Grades K-5) August 12 

Come meet your student's teacher(s) in their classrooms. This is open house style and a great time to bring your student's school supplies. Our lunch provider, My Kids Lunch, will be available to help with sign up and ordering. If you are frequent volunteer/chaperone, you can bring your driver's license to have it scanned so you are ready for the new school year check in. 

Please note Secondary Curriculum Night is August 28 6pm-7:30pm-this is the opportunity to attend a Parent Orientation presentation, and hear about class curriculum from each teacher, as you walk through your student's class schedule.

Middle School and High School Student Email Account

All middle school and high school students will have an individual Stargate email account. These will be set up by August 14. To access the account for the first time go to https://accounts.google.com/login to start the login process.

The user name will be "first name"."last name"@stargateschool.org  (Ex. joseph.james@stargateschool.org) and the default password is "$targate1". Once logged in, you will be prompted to change your password. 

Middle and High School Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Guidelines

Every middle and high school student at Stargate must bring their own device to school each day. Please see our BYOD Guidelines for specifications for the device they will need.

Optional Fees on payforit.net

LOCKERS for Middle and High School Students

There is a $10 optional locker fee available on payforit.net.  Middle and High School students will need to have the fee paid by Friday, August 9 to start the school year with a locker assigned. 

High School Student Parking

Students parking at Stargate must purchase an annual parking permit. This $50 optional fee is available on payforit.net. For additional information about requirements for a Student Parking Permit, please access the information HERE. We will begin checking student permits on September 3, 2019.

Transportation Options- Stargate does not provide transportation to or from the school.
Carpool:. Way to Go is a regional partnership between the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and a group of Transportation Management Associations (TMAs).For the secure link set up for Stargate families, please email info@stargateschool.org