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Clubs & Organizations

High School 

Stargate students are involved in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. The clubs below represent just some of the interest areas students can explore. Please contact the Club Sponsor for more information.

Club Sponsor Meeting Times
Recycling Club        Ms. Walsh  Lunch
Mock Trial Mr. Fulton Before School
Knowledge Bowl     Mr. Howe     Monday after school and Friday lunch
NHS                                              Ms. Walsh Lunch
Yearbook Ms. vonHilsheimer Thursday Lunch
Student Government                 Dr. PeglerVaries
Christian Club     Dr. Pegler  Tuesday Lunch
SAGA Mrs. Pierce  Thursday Lunch
Yarnia (Knitting/Crochet Club) Ms. Walsh Wednesday Lunch
 Speech and Debate Mrs. Pierce     Monday Lunch
 Harry Potter Club Mrs. Dick Wednesday Lunch
 French Movie Club Madame MansureVaries-monthly on Wednesday
 Coding ClubMr. Mikow Tuesday Lunch
 Comix Club Mr. Allen Friday after school
 Lathe Club Dr. Pegler     Tuesday after school
 Drama Club/ Fall Play/ Spring Musical Mr. Phelps
 Aeronautics Club Mr. DeFord Tuesday after school
 Sign Language Club         Mr Mikow Wednesday Lunch
 Jazz Band Club Mr Mikow  Wednesday Lunch
 Chess Club Mr Mikow     Thursday Lunch
 Qigong Club Mr Mikow Saturday 12-1pm

For more information about clubs, contact info@stargateschool.org