12th Grade Update 9/10/18

posted Sep 19, 2018, 12:59 PM by Jane Baker

Hello Stargate 12th grade families,

Senior year is off to a great start! I was excited to see so many seniors attend our Senior Sunrise Breakfast on August 15th. Although a little sleepy at 6 am, students enjoyed connecting with each other, and as always, enjoyed eating.

Counselor Meetings

Mr. Holter, our 12th grade school counselor, recently met with Senior Adroit classes to review how students will use Naviance. Mr. Holter is also in the process of meeting with every student individually to ensure they are on track to graduate and answer any questions they have about Naviance or the post secondary transition process. After his meeting with your student, he/she will bring home a summary that outlines what your student needs to complete this year to meet all Stargate graduation requirements. Please sign this summary sheet so that your student can return it to Mr. Holter.

Postsecondary Planning

Postsecondary planning is picking up right now for our seniors and I encourage you to have regular, ongoing conversations with your senior about their postsecondary plans. Each student has a Naviance account, an online platform to connect students to colleges and scholarships. Please look at Naviance with your student. Postsecondary institutions and scholarships have different timelines and requirements. Your student is responsible for knowing and complying with application and scholarship requirements and deadlines.

Financial Aid Night

One important element in making postsecondary decisions is the financial component. With this in mind, we are holding a Financial Aid Night on December 11th at 6:00 pm.  You will receive information about financial aid options at this event.

Graduation Ceremony

We started graduation ceremony planning last school year.  After ongoing meetings with various stakeholders (who attended many graduation ceremonies and researched many venues) we chose Macky Auditorium on the University of Colorado Boulder Campus for our graduation ceremony this spring. We have confirmed the date of Tuesday, May 21st at 6:00 pm. This is a date change from what was published on our school calendar last spring when we anticipated holding graduation at Stargate.

Graduation Handbook

Today at our Senior Meeting, we introduced the students to our Graduation Handbook. Please review this with your student.

Senior Class Meetings

Seniors will periodically meet as a class to discuss activities and graduation.  Information will be provided to seniors and published on our Senior Website.  

First Semester Meeting Dates and Topics

Wednesday, September 19 Graduation Handbook, Class Specifics Nominations

Wednesday, October 24 Jostens Presentation (Announcements, Invitations, etc.)

Wednesday, November 28 Senior Activity Voting (Song, Quote, Flower, Speaker)

Second semester meeting dates and topics are TBD.

Senior Capstone

Students have been introduced to and are currently working on their Senior Capstone, a requirement for all seniors. The purpose of the capstone is to provide a culminating experience that showcases each student’s understanding of the Design Thinking process and builds on passions and past experiences to help create a bridge from high school to postsecondary. Students will have autonomy to choose an area of study, to combine different disciplines, to explore new avenues in a productive manner, and, at the same time, to help others and contribute to the community. We are currently working with students to identify a capstone topic and connect with an adult mentor to support the capstone work. Students will present their capstone projects in April.

Senior Information

Seniors and their families will receive senior/graduation information via our Senior Website, email, senior meetings, and daily school announcements.

We are very excited for this school year and know this is going to be an incredible year for our seniors!

Rise above,