High School - Honors & AP


A course with the Honors distinction indicates that additional time and effort will be required as the course may be accelerated, and/or taught to a greater depth than a traditional non-honors course. 

Advanced Placement

The mission of Stargate High School’s Advanced Placement (AP) program is to develop the necessary skills and content to be successful in their post-secondary education. The AP Program provides students an opportunity to take college-level course while they are in high school. Near the end of an AP course, students will take a national AP exam. As a result of the exam score that students receive, college credit may be awarded. Credit awarded depends on the college the student wishes to attend. Each student will work with his/her counselor in the Adroit Program to determine if AP courses are the best option for student and their future plans. Besides the possibility of earning college credit, AP courses can help the student develop skills and study habits that will be vital in college. AP courses require substantial time outside of the classroom and are therefore subject to the weighted high school grading scale. Students are required to obtain recommendations of current content teachers to help them evaluate their likelihood of success. It is recommended that students take no more than three AP courses per year. For more information about AP, you can go to their website at: www.collegeboard.org/ap. The current fee for each exam is $94.00 and is subject to change based on the College Board.