High School - Adroit


Mr. Cochran 

Photo taken by a student during the 2nd Annual Adroit Expo. Mr. Cochran is thumbs up for Adroit

About Adroit

Adroit at the High School level is designed to prepare students for their post-secondary journey, whether that includes college, trade school, or pursuing a career.  The program is designed to help students discover their passion and explore ways to turn this passion into a pursuit beyond Stargate.

In Adroit, students will be encouraged to  develop a Design Thinking mindset. Design Thinking is a set of skills that prepares students to solve large, complex, cross-curricular, real world problems by teaching them effective ways of thinking and collaborating. 

Mr. Cochran has been at Stargate since 2005 and is very excited to help all students pursue their passions in Adroit.