High School - Graduation Requirements

Stargate’s graduation requirements meet the Colorado Department of Education requirements. They have been developed based on the entrance requirements of many colleges and universities as well as through analysis of the components of a strong, academic high school curriculum. Students must successfully complete a minimum of 24 credits in order to graduate. Given that students may take up to seven courses each semester, students have the potential of earning up to 28 credits in four years of high school. The recommended credit requirements in the table below are offered to meet the entrance requirements for many of the nation’s top colleges.

 Subject Area Required Credits
 English 4
 Math 4
 Science 3 (4 recommended)
 Social Studies 3 (4 recommended)
 World Language 2 of the same language (3 recommended)
 PE/Health 1
 Elective 6
 Adroit 1
 Total 24 (27 recommended)