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Academic Progression 

Stargate is building its course catalog to meet Colorado Department of Education requirements, and refining based on student interests and course requests. Plans reflect the entrance requirements of many colleges and universities as well best practices in designing a strong, academic high school curriculum. See Stargate's Academic Planning Guide.

Department Chair

Department Chair and other Communications Pathways contacts can be found in this directory.

Note: As Stargate High School expands, more courses will be added. 

Sample Course Offerings - Electives

Art - Open Studio
.5 Credit, Not Weighted
Prerequisite: None
Open Studio is a self-directed course in which students explore their creativity through experimentation and exploration of different materials, techniques, and ideas. Artists challenge their artistic interests and growth by choosing their own course of study, and delving into that subject in-depth with multiple projects.

Music - Performance
1 Credit, Not Weighted
Prerequisite: None
Students will be able to participate and perform together in mixed vocal and instrumental settings. The first semester will focus on basic performance and theory skills, including some basic repertoire that will help unify the class.  After a foundation is set, students will be able to perform as soloists to larger ensembles either as instrumentalists, vocalists, or combined.  A variety of music will be introduced at various levels in order suit every palate.  Student will be required to participate in at least three outside-of-class performances.

Music - Rock Band I
.5 credit, Not Weighted
Prerequisite: None
This course is for students who wish to perform rock music at a live concert setting and is designed to address a multitude of musical levels.  The focus of the course will be on rock band elements:
  • Band formation / working within a group / maximizing practice time with your band / song selection
  • Depending on students' ability levels, songs will be selected to address the unique skill sets of band members 
  • Basic instruction on vocals, keyboards, bass, drums and guitar
  • Basic sound engineering / troubleshooting / how to be your own "roadie"
  • Form and advanced form
  • Identification and application of varying styles
Physical Education - Athletic Performance
.5 Credit, Not Weighted
Prerequisite: None
This course is designed for students who want to explore a variety of options for improving and maintaining their individual fitness levels and increasing their athletic performance. The goal is to give students both the knowledge and the physical skills to develop and continue lifelong fitness habits. Activities offered are similar to those of health clubs. Students will have the opportunity to practice for Stargate team sports.