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High School Academics

High School Happenings

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High School Fall Ball Saturday October 7 7-10pm

Fall Conferences

October 11- 3:30pm-7:30pm (Last Name A-L)

October 12- 10:00am-2:30pm (no school for students)

October 12- 3:30pm-7:30pm (Last Name M-Z)

October 13- By teacher invitation only (no school for students)

High School Band/Orchestra Concert-October 25

The Man Who Came To Dinner Fall Play November 2-4 7pm

by George Kaufman and Moss Hart

Just before a Christmas in the late 1930’s, Sheridan Whiteside, a noted radio personality, is invited to dinner at the home of Ernest W. and Daisy Stanley in Mesalia, Ohio. After slipping on ice and claiming to have dislocated his hip, he becomes an intrusive and outrageously demanding houseguest. Whiteside proceeds to terrorize the Stanley's, taking over their home and interfering with almost every aspect of their lives. He holds court in the living room for his wide circle of friends, commandeers the telephone, runs up staggering long-distance bills to world leaders, monopolizes the Stanley servants, fills the library with penguins and cockroaches, and invites a band of paroled convicts over for lunch. But Whiteside's life is about to change for the worse when his secretary of 10 years, Miss Maggie Cutler, falls in love with the local newspaper editor, Bert Jefferson, who had dropped by to interview Whiteside. Descends into a panic. He calls on glamorous Hollywood actress, Lorraine Sheldon, to lure Bert away from Maggie, under the guise of pursuing his brilliant play. Maggie counters with a trick of her own, aided by the vocal impressions of sophisticated British performer Beverly Carlton. Her plan to send Lorraine on a wild goose chase is discovered, however. 
The Man Who Came to Dinner is a brilliantly witty madcap play, which manages to combine the sophistication of great comedic literature, the frenetic energy of the silliest farce, and a genuinely sweet heart into one of the most beloved comedies of the American theatre, filled with fascinating character roles and winking homage to the intellectual and popular culture of the 1930s.
$4 Students
$8 Adults

College Visits

           9th grade Metro State University October 9

         10th grade CU Boulder November 13

PSAT/11th grade- October 25

College Representatives at Stargate

High School General Information

At Stargate we believe every gifted student deserves quality learning experiences that challenge and enrich their understanding of the world around them and that fuel their desire to know more. 

Stargate High School's rigorous academic program will include:
  • Superior instruction based on gifted best practices
  • Learning environment dedicated to educating students at their ability level through 12th grade
  • Highly qualified teachers and staff focused on supporting each student's individual gifted needs
  • College partnerships and options for college credit
  • State-of-the-art facility designed to meet the needs of the 21st century learner
  • Adroit - passion projects, internships, and more
Clink on the link to the right to access our current Academic Planning Guide. This guide outlines the full course offerings for core content areas and provides course descriptions for all courses available for 9th and 10th grade students. 

Parent Access to Assignment Information 
For a screencast tutorial on how to access your student's assignments please click here

BYOD Guidelines
Each student at Stargate High School must bring their own device to school each day. Please see our BYOD Guidelines for specifications for the device they will need.
Technology Acceptable Use Policy
Please access our Acceptable Use Policy here

Bell Schedule 
You can access our daily secondary bell schedule here.

Late Start Schedule can be accessed HERE

Student Computer Checkout Release Form HERE
This form is for parents to print, complete and turn in to the Secondary front desk if students need to borrow a Stargate computer for schoolwork during the school day. This option is only for emergency situations as students are responsible for bringing their computer from home every day. A paper copy of this form is also available at the Secondary front office.

Library Forms- Permission forms for library use are HERE