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Yearbook Volunteers - 2016-2017

K-5 Yearbook Volunteer Opportunities

Classroom Photographer

High quality yearbooks require photos. Lots of them. By taking photos and sharing them with the yearbook team, you're helping us include as many kids as possible from ALL classes. To make sharing easier, we've set up each K-5 classroom will once again have its own Shutterfly site for the 2016-2017 school year. The sites give parents a place to upload and download pictures taken throughout the year. The sites are secure and require an invitation to access. Your homeroom teacher is the only one who can grant permission for access to his/her classroom site. Once you've got permission to access the site, just take photos, and share throughout the year. It's that easy to volunteer as a classroom photographer.

Classroom Photo Organizer

Each of our K-5 teachers needs a volunteer to help organize their classroom Shutterfly account. It requires very little work and is a great way to volunteer time without having to come into the school. The following is a list of responsibilities:
  1. Enter your class roster with email contact - for site access and management.
  2. Get event volunteer/chaperone lists from the teacher (as the events happen).
  3. Send an email to event chaperones, the day after, asking them to upload any photos they would like to share.
  4. Create event folders to keep photos organized, so the yearbook staff knows what event it is (Pumpkin Patch, Halloween Party etc.)
  5. Be the classroom contact person for the yearbook staff.
That's all. You don't have to share/send files to the yearbook committee. The yearbook team will go through and pick which ones to use. The majority of your time will be spent setting up the class roster. After that, you will need to periodically send emails asking your classroom parents to upload pictures. Easy! We don't want to miss out on any wonderful pictures. As soon as you sign up to volunteer, a yearbook member will contact you and step you through setting up your class roster.

Click one of the links below to sign up as a Classroom Photo Organizer. The sign up links can also be found in the "Work at Home" tabs for your grade/teaching team on the Volunteer Job Board.
Yearbook Volunteer

If you would like to be a larger part of helping the kids with the yearbook, please let your homeroom teacher know. They will communicate with yearbook as that group takes shape this year. Just be sure to give your teacher your name, contact information, and the names of the teachers your child(ren) have for class this year.


If you have other questions or would like to volunteer in a way that's not listed above, please send an email to

Thank you, in advance, to all of our Stargate parents and staff for help on this new venture. The yearbook team couldn't do all we do without the support of our volunteers!