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Gala Baskets and Support

Each class plans projects differently to support the annual Stargate gala. Please contact your teacher or homeroom parent for more information.

Gala Baskets and Projects

Mrs. Bowman
Ms. Peters
Mrs. Wells
Mrs. Wilson

1st Grade Classes
Ms. Kim
Mrs. Ramsey
Mrs. Spletzer
Mrs. Walls

2nd Grade Classes
Miss Bolger
Mrs. Falace
Mrs. Martinac/Mrs. Lee
Mrs. Ross

3rd Grade Classes
Ms. Anderson
Ms. Saul
Mrs. Ware
Ms. Zelinger Cohen

4th Grade Classes
Ms. Gipson
Mrs. Hanna
Mrs. Millar
Mr. VanPatten

5th Grade Classes
Ms. Buck
Mrs. Painz
Ms. Sanders
Mrs. Vaughan