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Donate Now - Stargate Annual Campaign

Thank you - your generosity helps ensure that Stargate will continue creating academic, social and ethical leaders for many years to come. Your  tax deductible gift supports the people and programs that make Stargate School so special. Our Federal tax id # is: 84-1576891.

Every gift counts. Every dollar donated to Stargate stays at Stargate. 

To make giving easier, we're introducing a secure, online donation option this year. Simply complete the form below and submit. You can choose a one-time gift (to be paid in full today or in monthly installments through May 2019) or you can initiate a recurring gift that will be automatically charged to your credit card each month until you elect to cancel. You will receive official acknowledgment of your online contribution by email.

If you have questions or need help filling out this form, please email or contact the Stargate Director of Operations and Finance, Lynne Allen, at 303-450-3936 or via email at:


Note: certain browsers, including Internet Explorer, may require a little extra time to load the secure, donation form below. Thanks, in advance, for your patience while it loads. 

Helping Our Kids - Your Dollars at Work

In recent years, your fundraising dollars helped give our Stargate students:

  • classroom technology - 3 iPads for every K-5 classroom

  • classroom technology - smart boards for middle school classrooms

  • student enrichment - “Step Up To Writing” Program

  • classroom support - for teachers and students 

  • gifted endorsements - for teachers

  • shelf and "cubby" installations

  • primary building auditorium seating

  • new lunchroom tables

  • playground equipment

  • gym equipment, floors and bleachers

  • supplemental discretionary $$ to augment classroom budgets

There's more to do. Your support is critical to providing the best learning environment possible for our gifted and talented students.

To find out more about all the ways your dollars can help - or have already helped - students, email

Donate Now