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Community Relations

Coming up: 2017-2018 CRC Events

  • Feb 7-9 Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences-  we supply meals using the funds from CRC Fee 
  • Dodgeball !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Secondary, Friday, April 6, 4:00 – 9:00
    • Elementary, Saturday, April 7, 10:00am - 2:00pm
  • Art Week: CRC will support as needed – setting up on Adroit Day and events will happen during the week of April 30-May 4; Art Show Reception from 6-8pm on May 3rd  with food trucks from Fundraising
  • May 7-11 Official Teacher Appreciation:  A week of special treats for all staff; being aware that some AP exams are scheduled at 8am that week and that Staff Development is Friday the 11th We supply meals using the funds from CRC Fee.
Completed 2017-2018 events :

August 15 Thank you Kona Ice for providing snacks during Meet the Teachers. It was a nice way to go Back to School!

August 9th Meet & Greet - Thank you to those Committee Members who helped welcome all of the Stargate families. 

Sept. 9th NHS Tailgate game day: CRC was asked to help; 10am – 2pm 

Oct 11 - 13 Parent/Teacher Conferences; we supply meals using the funds from CRC Fee; Round of applause and thanks to the CRC team lead Anne Kleve and her team members  Stacy Tempas, Andrea Smith, Lisa Nee, Tami Pippert, Terri Miller, and everyone who helped and contributed. The effort was GREATLY appreciated and the food was a huge hit!

Oct. 27th - Harry Potter Night Thank You to all of our wonderful Volunteers, especially Secondary students who made it all run smoothly! Thank you all for being workhorses and not getting nearly enough sleep or praise!   Trang Siska, none of this could have happened without you. You are the skills, energy and creativity that brought it all to life.  To our Heads of House- Profs Root, Fulton, vonHilsheimer, and Anderson, along with High Inquisitor Walsh- they help generate the fun with the kids and it shows! And for our perfect Albus Landree Dumbledore. Thank you, Apryl Sweat, for  providing us with the costume! Thank you, Yvonne Min, for getting the photos the families will treasure! Thank you to everyone who showed up numerous times to build the wands, fix things, create signs, help organize, type instructions - every detail that was there was because your help - Mollie Jean, Kathy von Rosenberg, Deb DeMuth, Liz Freidenson, Andrea Smith, Lisa Nee, Stacy Tempas, Tami Pippert, Julie Sadler, Katherine Horne, Mark Hoppes, Ed Goyette, and Vicki Dare. and - oh yes - your kids!!!!! Thanks to our young helpers!!!!  Thank you to Mark & Katherine for leading Trivia at Lunch. HUGE thanks to Deb for hauling pumpkins, and keeping those pumpkins under control. Kathy and Stephanie, thank you both for helping deliver that chaos too! Thank you, Lisa Nee, for supplying us with extraordinary banners which brought us much closer to perfection! I hope you all saw Prof Blamires room - a quiet space with selfie station and fun things to do. Other professors must be recognized! Great job by all of our hardworking Professors -  Tom Roling, Stephanie Trzaska, PJ Magin, and Cindy Tuchklapper! The Escape Room was a huge hit - those families pulled together to create a unique and AWESOME ADVENTURE! Thank you, Darcie Ball, for spearheading that! Thank you, Mark and Ed, for bringing the sorting hat to life and for bringing so much enthusiasm to your project. It was beyond impressive! Thank you to the Fundraising Committee and Denise Vitt for their support and for adding to the fun with event T-shirts! Amy Emery, thank you for getting those shirts done ahead of time! What fun! Thank you to those people who sacrificed time with their own kids to hold down various forts the night of it all: Stephanie Jones, Andrea Smith, Sona Shah, Liz Friedenson, Kathy von Rosenberg, Stacy Tempas and Tami Pippert. Thank you Student Government Volunteers and Liz Freidenson for organizing drinks and snacks & Amore Pizza for pinch hitting! Special shout out to Terry McDonnell, King of Quidditch! 

December 8th - Thank you for the AWESOME help with Winterfest. Liz Friedenson, Kathy von Rosenberg, Hannah Lapperre, Jennifer Arnove, Terri Miller and Mollie Jean did a wonderful job of keeping the food moving and the kid volunteers busy! Thanks also to Trang Siska for room signs. It is always faster with friends. 

January 26 -  Bingo/Chili Cook-off: Friday, 6:00 – 8:30
Winners of the 2018 All-Stargate Chili Cook-off are:
Sonja Gill - Red
Dita Darrah - Green
Jennifer Greenlee - Exotic/Other
And Student Chef - Tyler Min

Thank you to all of our volunteers, Chili Judges and especially Eric Johnson and Austin Fay for running a phenomenal Bingo night with assistance from Emilie Johnson and Paul Marx! Special thanks to Mark Hoopes and Katherine Horne for the Chili-side Fun & Games with our student volunteers. Thank you to our tireless CRC volunteers: Stacy Tempas, Molly Happs, Julie Sadler, Trang Siska, PJ Magin, Liz Friedenson, Andrea Smith, Tami Pippert, Kathy von Rosenberg, Vicki Dare, Yvonne Min and so many more. 

We need your help!

The Community Relations Committee is a fun way to give back & get involved with Stargate. If you are unable to attend meetings there are lots of volunteer opportunities. Any amount of help is greatly needed & appreciated. For more information, e-mail us at .

Meeting Notices

If you are interested in joining CRC, please email us at  

During the school year, we generally meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 8:15 am. Meeting changes and locations will be announced either on the calendar or in announcements. Everyone is welcome!     

Stargate CRC-Fundraising Events

Things to know about Community Relations
    • We are similar to the PTA or PTO found in traditional schools
    • We are a group of parent volunteers
    • We plan school events and functions that promote school unity, community education, communication, and volunteerism
    Community Relations Committee meetings are open to the public and anyone interested in giving back or becoming more involved in the Stargate Community is encouraged to attend! Hope you can join us!

    If you are unable to attend meetings there are still lots of volunteer opportunities. Any and all help is greatly needed & appreciated!

    Please email us at for more information.

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