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FAQs for Teachers and Staff


There are a lot of great things about our new Community Portal. This page is dedicated to teachers who are becoming familiar with the new website. Hopefully, these questions (and answers) will get you started. We will add more Q&A as we continue.

I am new to the website, what do I need to do?
  1. The first thing is to find and edit your Profile Page with your information.
  2. The second thing is to edit/update your Team Page (work with your team lead) and ensure it is accurate, complete, personal, and enthusiastic. This is the first page that new parents and kids will visit to learn what they can expect from your team and the grades that their child is entering.
  3. The third thing is to edit each of your Blog Pages (links are at the bottom of your Profile pages) to ensure the upper portion describes your particular class. Feel free to add an initial Post welcoming kids to your class. Note that blog pages are still being created, but should appear within the next few days.
Where do I find my Profile Page?
Along the top of this website are tabs. They are the locations of the teaching teams. If you click on a tab, it takes you to a Team Page. If you hover over the tab, a drop-down list of names will appear. Click on your name. You are now at your Profile Page.

I am a Staff member (but not a teacher) - where is my Profile Page?
Look to the left for the Resources menu item. The small arrow will open all of the supporting resources within the school. Find your role and open it. That is your Profile Page. We listed this by role instead of by name because people may need to find the resource information in a hurry (i.e. Health Services) and they may now know who that is. Note also that some roles are collective (more than one person is described). Please put all people on that page work in that role. Everybody is important.

I still cannot find my page, help?
We are still building out pages, but if you think yours should be there and it isn't, feel free to contact the website committee at: website@stargateschool.org.

How do I edit a Profile Page?
If you are not logged in, go to the bottom of the web-page and click on "Sign-In." If you are already logged-in with your stargateschool.org email account, you should see a "pencil icon" in the upper right of the page. Click on the Pencil icon and the content can be edited.

What can I edit/change?
Edit the content on your profile page and add important stuff like your name, email address (include using a hyperlink), location, and other important information. The generic pages were established using a template, so the "filler" information may not be exactly your personality, but the key is to use the page to tell us about you. If you can, include a photo (and right-justify it). Don't forget to press the blue SAVE button when you are done with your edits. Remember, once you press the blue Save Button (upper right), the changes take effect immediately.

Please don't change things like themes, fonts, colors, or page layouts. The website has some neutral colors on purpose. They key is to have some element of consistency. In the springtime, the website committee will be soliciting feedback and we can make some design changes then. For now, hang with us regarding style.

The current layout of the Profile Page has a main area at the top, two or three columns at the bottom (placeholders for blogs and other stuff), and then a space at the bottom.

At the bottom of your Profile Page you will find a list of sub-pages: These pages are links to your blog pages. Click on each of these, and edit the content that is at the top, specifically replace anything with brackets ([]) or anything that shows a "[TBD]" in the body.

How do I make a Blog?
The blog pages will be established for you, but you will need to edit the introductory information (see above) and also create (Post) blog entries. You will see aggregation of your blogs at the bottom (in the columns) of your Profile Page as they are populated (currently the 5 most recent blog entries are shown).

The blog pages can be accessed via the list of sub-pages at the bottom of your profile page. Click on the links to go to each of your blog page(s). Note that Google calls these "Announcement" pages because of some of their unique features. If a single person writes them, we refer to them as a Blog Page (or Blog) but if they are a general school announcement, they will be called a "News and Announcement" page. Same technology, just different semantics.

How do I Post to a Blog?
Once you are on the Blog Page, look for the Post button and a new form will appear. Fill it in and save it. You will see the page of that single post when you are done. Before you leave, press the "More" button and select Page Settings then deselect "Allow Comments" and "Allow Attachments." We have not figured out to have that setting by default, so you need to do it for now. Generally, when these items are deselected, the posts look cleaner.

Now return to your profile page and you will see your new post in the blog at the bottom. Click on "View more >>" at the bottom of the blog or the sub-page link and you will see the page of blog entries (this is called the Announcement Page). You can edit any entry.

How do I delete a Blog Post?
Also, if you need to delete an entry, SELECT THE POST from either the aggregated announcements on your Profile Page or from the Announcement Page, and then press the More icon in the upper right and select Delete Page (because each post is its own page). Make sure you are deleting just the Blog Post and not the entire Announcement Page will all of the posts on it. Please feel free to keep your blogs from last year for reference, but deleting entries that are no longer relevant helps keep your pages readable and timely.

Can I get more Pages?
Definitely! Go to your Profile Page and add a page using the "Add Page" Icon in the upper-right. Make sure you have the new page located under your profile page. Please feel free to use any of the Layouts available (when you are in edit mode) for your sub-pages. If you do it correctly, you will see your sub-page listed at the bottom (footer) of your Profile Page. Please do not list your page on the side-bar (page setting that should remain unchecked).

What can I put on my pages? Is any of this private?
These pages are completely open to the entire Internet. They are searchable and do not require any log-in to access the information (just to make edits). As such, do not put any sensitive information on your pages. Generally, if you are dealing with private information (students private information, student grades, etc.), put it in Infinite Campus

I have more questions regarding my page or the website. What should I do?
Drop an email to website@stargateschool.org .... If there is a generic question that you think a lot of teachers may have, feel free to add it here (and put a [TBD] underneath of it so we can find it by searching for that string).

I have a technical issue with my web pages (add, move, change, update, fix, etc.). What should I do?
You can now use the same system for reporting website issues as you do with other technical issues (i.e. printer issues). Drop an email to Support@stargateschool.com. This is a ticketing system that has been implemented to track technical issues. When you send an email to that address, please provide as much information as you can as well as the best way to contact you.