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FAQs for Other Important Stuff

Welcome to the page dedicated to answering other questions.

We try to keep the answers to all questions on this page, but if more space is needed for a particular subject, we have created sub-pages that are dedicated to the particular subject.

School Start and Dismissal Times
  • K-5th Grade
    • Arrival between 7:45-7:55am
    • First Bell rings at 7:55am
    • Half Day Kindergarten 8am-11:05am
    • Full Day Kindergarten 8am-2:45pm
    • 1st thru 5th grade 8am-3pm
  • Middle and High School
    • Arrival between 7:45-8:00am
    • First Bell rings at 8:10am
    • Classes 8:15am-3:35pm
  • Wednesdays are Early Release Day
    • Kindergarten through 5th grade dismissed at 1:30pm
    • 1/2 day Kindergarten released at 11:05am
    • Middle and High School dismissed at 2:05pm
After school, K-5th grade students who have a middle/high school sibling or carpool will check in and wait in the Elementary Library/Adroit until 3:35 pm when they will be walked to the pick-up loop. These students need to be registered and the fee is $20/month for this service.  

Since there is no one to supervise children before or after the arrival and departure times, please do not drop your children off prior to 7:45 am or pick them up after 3:40 pm. Children arriving early or leaving late will be checked in to Eagles Landing where they will be safe and supervised. Families will be billed for this service.

Please call (303) 450-3936 (press #1 for the Stargate Attendance line) before 8:00 am the day of your student's absence. There is a 24-hour messaging system available; please leave your student name, grade, and teacher's name (Elementary only) as well as the date(s) and reason for the absence on the recording. Email to attendance@stargateschool.org with the same info also works.

Pick-up, Drop-off, and Parking
The process for pick-up and drop-off is available here. Please do not exit your car, or park in the "loop" in front of the school during pick-up and drop off. Also, please note different pick-up and drop-off points, and times for each grade.

Transportation and Carpool
Stargate does not provide transportation to or from the school. However, for your convenience, and to relieve traffic congestion, the school does participate in a carpool service formerly known as RideArrangers. Way to Go is a regional partnership between the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and a group of Transportation Management Associations (TMAs). If you are interested in this free service, please contact info@stargateschool.org for a secure access link.

Adams 12 utilizes a system called Infinite Campus (click here). Infinite campus shows all grades, in real time, updated by the teachers. It also includes notices from the district to students and other confidential student information. A user name is required to access Infinite Campus. More information on the Infinite Campus webpage, also in the left navigation. To obtain a username, or reset a password, please contact us at info@stargateschool.org.

A/B Days
What are A/B Days? They are designated days of the school year that impact what classes are active for that day. Generally, the A/B designation switches daily, but can be impacted by holidays, work days, etc. Please check with your teacher for more information about A/B days.

Stargate kids bring their lunch or purchase their lunch via the lunch purchase program website, which can be found on the Lunch Page (to the left). Students will eat, with their class, in the commons.

Late Drop off of Lunches, Coats, etc (Elementary School only)
We know mornings can get busy, and sometimes items need to be dropped off, please bring the item, labeled, to the front desk. It is not necessary to call first. There will be two delivery times: 9am and 2pm. Students will be notified of dropped off lunches and they may come to the front office to pick them up. Please note 3rd-5th grade do not allow homework drop-offs after school has begun.

Our school is made great due to the help of our great Parent and Grandparent community, and each teacher has different needs regarding volunteers and classroom celebrations (click here). For security, if you are scheduled to volunteer during the day, or during a school celebration, please stop by the front desk with your photo identification. You will be provided a building pass, which should be displayed prominently on your person at all times, please be sure to checkout at the front desk when leaving the building.

Field Trips
Periodically students will have the opportunity to attend off-school ground field trips. Permission slips will be sent home and fees collected as needed. If you are selected to chaperone a field trip, please contact your student's teacher to determine volunteer procedures.

Lost and Found
If an item is found on school grounds, it will be placed in lost and found, which is located near the front door of each building. Periodically these bins will be emptied and donated to a local charity. Please contact the front desk, if you are looking for smaller or delicate items (ie, eyeglasses).

Snow Day Information
Snow days occur rarely but when they do, you want to know everything. As such, we have dedicated an entire page to snow day information.

School Rules and Policies
The Community Handbook is designed as a comprehensive resource for families. It's updated every year. You can find the latest edition on the Policies/Handbook page, accessible via the left hand navigation.

Contacting Stargate
The best way to contact Stargate School is by phone during normal business hours (303-450-3936) or you can email us: info@stargateschool.org (or see the Staff Directory).

Stargate Portals
Stargate School uses three websites, or portals, to help communicate with it current and future stakeholders. At the bottom (footer) of each page on each portal, you will find links to the portals that make up the three portals of the Stargate Website. Here is a description of each portal (with titles linked to the respective portals).

Main Portal:  www.stargateschool.org
The Main Portal is designed to attract new parents to Stargate and to showcase our wonderful school. Visit the main page to learn more about our goals and strategy, our awards, our star achievements, and to learn more about applying to Stargate Charter School.

Community Portal:  community.stargateschool.org
Our Community Portal is focused on communicating with our existing parents, students, and staff. Although most of the content on this portal comes from teachers regarding their classes, additional information is also provided on schedules and activities within Stargate. This is the "go to" site for parents to find out about classes, lunch, extra-curricular activities, how-tos, online payments, pick-up and drop-off, announcements, school health, and much more!

Governance and Charter Portal:  charter.stargateschool.org
Stargate is a charter school with extensive options for volunteering. For that reason, we have a dedicated portal to help our volunteers as they participate in committees and on the school board. Our Charter portal provides web pages for each committee, announcements of committee activities, a calendar for governance meetings, and a place for obtaining the minutes and forms from the committees and the board of directors.

Website FAQs
This website has been designed and built using Google Sites. As such, it has many features that allow our community to provide updates to the announcements, blogs, and calendars without having to visit the website every day. Since we have a lot of capability, we have dedicated an entire page to Website FAQs so you can get the most out of our website.

Have a question you think should be answered on this page? Please contact us at info@stargateschool.org.