Second Grade

Welcome to the Second Grade Team Page

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Read below for common questions/answers:
  • Where should I drop-off and pick-up my student in the mornings and afternoons?
    • In the morning, students should be dropped off behind the school near the playground no later than 7:45 a.m. They will wait in their respective homeroom lines to be let in to the school when the bell rings at 7:55 a.m.
    • In the afternoons, students will be picked up in front of the school, in the loop, directly in front of the kindergarten classrooms, no later than 3:15 p.m..
  • Who should I contact about _________?
    • You are encouraged to follow the Communication Pathways for any questions or concerns you may have.  Team Lead and other Communication Pathway contacts can be found in this directory
  • How are students placed in literacy and math classes?
    • As in first grade, second graders are placed in math and literacy classrooms based on their learning needs. We use a body of evidence including beginning and end of year assessment results, iReady testing scores, and teacher recommendations to aid in placements. This type of grouping allows each teacher to be able to differentiate instruction more easily due to the fact that classes are more homogeneous. There may be substantial overlap in the curriculum and activities between classrooms, as we all strive to meet similar standards in several areas. Groupings cannot be strictly ranked from highest to lowest. We take care to place students in literacy and math groups where we believe they will be challenged and successful. Maximum growth, engagement, and well-being is our general goal, while each classroom teacher has specific goals tailored to the learning needs of his or her particular set of students. In the beginning, placements are flexible as students are being continuously assessed. We will suggest changes, as is appropriate, during the first few weeks. The 2nd grade team spends a substantial amount of time planning together and coordinating our teaching efforts to enhance the education of all the students we share.
  • What is Infinite Campus and how do I gain access?
    • Infinite Campus is a student information system.  Your child's teacher will use IC to communicate via email, take attendance, and publish grades.  If you don't know your access information please contact
  • Where can I find other information about curriculum and team policies?
    • Please see our Team Files (see the folder icon directly to the left on this screen) and attend Curriculum Night for specific information for this school year and each of your child's classes.
  • Where do I find more information about Specials classes?
    • To learn more about Specials classes, click the links on the left.
  • Where can I find other classroom specific information?
    • Each member of our team has her own page where you can learn more about each class' activities, assignments, due dates, and homework.  To find a teacher's page, click on the link under their photo.

What's New?
  • We love celebrating birthdays!! The second grade team is asking that NO FOOD be brought in to celebrate birthdays. Instead, we would love to have students share a craft, activity, special read aloud, or other class experience, etc. in lieu of any snacks or treats. Please contact your child's homeroom teacher at least a week in advance if you would like to set up an in-class birthday celebration!
  • Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Martinac participate in a job share, meaning Mrs. Martinac is present in their shared classroom in the mornings of M/T/Th/Fri (afternoons on Wednesday) to teach theme and homeroom. Mrs. Lee is present in the afternoons on M/T/Th/Fri (mornings on Wednesday) to teach literacy and math.

2018-2019 Information
  • Curriculum/Team Policies: Please see our team files for specific information for this school year.
  • Grades: You may check your child's grades at any time on Infinite Campus. If you don't know your access information please contact
  • Planners: Students are expected to bring their 3-ring binder/planner to and from school EVERY DAY! Any homework that is assigned will be written by your child in their planner. Also, the planner is a great communication device. Feel free to write a short note to the teacher in your child's planner as needed.
  • Late Work Policy: If your child is missing work and it is older than 2 weeks old, they cannot receive an extra copy from the teacher. However, if the assignment is found they can turn it in as long as it is within the same semester. Your child can check his/her cubby, desk, backpack, and at home for the late/missing work. If work it is found it needs to be turned into the appropriate teacher to receive credit.

Team Lead

  • The team lead for Second Grade is Camille Ross. Please contact her at: