Mrs. Wilson's Literacy News 4/15/19

posted Apr 15, 2019, 3:14 PM by Corrie Wilson   [ updated Apr 16, 2019, 8:46 AM ]
Today we began our last unit in literacy, Research!  This homework assignment went home last Monday in your child's homework folder.  Please note that your child does  NOT have a spelling test this Friday. We will have our very last spelling test on April 26th. 

DUE: Monday April, 29

(ooopps...disregard the homework from last week saying, 4/30)

It is hard to believe but the school year is coming to an end.  For our end of year project the boys and girls will create a diorama.  We have learned about research and the students are excited to put their knowledge into their own project. The students will create a habitat of an animal of their choice.  After they research the animal, they need to create a diorama illustrating the animal in its natural habitat. They will all present their project to the class on Monday and Tuesday.  This project is due Monday, April 29th. If your child decides to bring it in early, that is okay. They will be presenting their project and it will need to be in their own words.

Choose an animal to learn about. Create a shoebox diorama for your animal. You may use construction paper, paint, clay, natural materials, drawings, printed pictures and other household materials to create your animal’s habitat.


1. Paint a background scene, don’t forget the inside walls.

2. Create ground or hills using clay, or paper mache

3. Add details like trees and rocks, flowers, insects, and other animals that you would find in the same habitat.

Our class is excited to invite parents/grandparents to our Breakfast and Books on Monday, May 13th from 8:10 – 9:00. Please check in at the front office and head on down to Room 115. Students are encouraged to bring a small blanket and pillow to class to make it easier to snuggle while they read! Favorite books from home are also welcome or students may choose from the many books in our class library. We look forward to reading and snuggling with family and friends!

Reading logs are due Friday, April 26th! This was the last reading log of the year!

Spelling words for the next two weeks. Please note: the words that were sent home on your child's homework today are the words they should study.

coat, boat, float, soak, load, soap, stop, trip

together, tied, group, often, fact, table, fence, price

Have a great week,
Mrs. Wilson