Mrs. Walls' Science and Social Studies Blog (4.22.19)

posted Apr 19, 2019, 6:29 AM by Melanie Walls

Mrs. Walls' Science and Social Studies Blog (4.22.19)

This week, we will continue our Social Studies unit "My Country 'Tis of Thee."  Lessons this week include learning about the meaning and importance of the Star Spangled Banner by reading an informational book, learning about the history of the Statue of Liberty by watching a video, reading an informational text, and completing a craft, and learning about the symbolism and importance of the Liberty Bell by completing a craftivity.

This unit will address the following 1st Grade Colorado Academic Standards for Social Studies:

  1. 1st grade Social Studies,  Civics- Standard 4: Notable people, places, holidays, and civic symbols.
    Student Evidence Outcomes

    1. Identify and explain the relevance of notable civic leaders from different community groups.

    2. Identify and explain the meaning of various civic symbols important to diverse community groups. For example: the American flag, Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore and the Liberty Bell.

    3. Identify and explain the relevance of significant civic places. For example: the state and national capitol, the white House and sites within the local community.

    4. Explain the significance of major civic holidays. For example: Veterans’ Day, Martin Luther King Day, Independence Day, Earth Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Cesar Chavez Day.  

    5. Identify the American flag and the Colorado flag.

Passion Projects:

Passion projects are a time for students to learn about a topic that interests them.  This year, first graders will be able to complete the projects on their own, with a partner, or with small group.  The students selected their passions from a list of choices with broad topics and were grouped accordingly. Due to a high interest in animals, there will be two groups with this focus.   

  • Walls and Spletzer: Animals, dinosaurs, fish, birds, puppies, etc.

  • Ramsey: Sports, dance, games, video-games, karate, etc.

  • Kim: Crafts, building, painting, drawing, art, music, etc.

Each month, your student will rotate to their Passion Project Teacher on a Tuesday during Theme (1:40-2:40 pm) to work on their Passion Project for the Expo on April 19th.  

The dates are listed below:

  • December 11 - Students met the others in their group that had a similar passion and got to know one another.  They also started brainstorming by writing and drawing a picture about their passion.

  • January 15- Students picked a format for their final project and made a list of supplies they will need other than things we have in our classrooms. Please send students with these supplies for our next date, February 5!

  • February 5- Students were supposed to bring in supplies so that they could start working on their project. Students who brought materials spent the time creating their project. Students who forgot supplies were asked to make a plan of their project on paper and a list of any supplies they may need.

  • March 12- This will be students FINAL day to work on projects at school. If they did not bring supplies in February, they need to bring supplies this day!

  • April 9- Students brought in completed projects and finished up anything unfinished at school. If students still have work to be done, it needs to be completed at home before the Expo on April 26.

  • April 26- Passion Project Expo (rescheduled from original date of August 19)

Upcoming Dates:
  • April 26- Passion Project Expo Day
  • May 8- Field Day
  • May 9- Final Assessment Day
  • May 10- Staff Development Day, no school for students
  • May 17- Field trip to the Boulder Dinner Theather (permission slip to come)
  • May 23- Last day of school, 11:30am dismissal